Datesmith - Offline Dating For Me?

“Unlike other services that promote casual and often short-lived dating, Datesmith provides a secure and personalized alternative for singles that are looking for serious, long-term, goal oriented relationships,Joanne Ng, Business Development Director of Datesmith.

Hello to all the Single Clan! haha

Ahaks, Say hello too to a new 'Offline Dating' agency that wholly owned by a renowned dating app creator, Paktor (a matchmaking phone app!) finally arrived and AVAILABLE in Malaysia. they aim to offer a physical channel of connecting people, allowing greater opportunities for singles to meet through organizing social events, as well as personalized dating services for those who prefer one-to-one dating.

“We thoroughly screen and conduct face-to-face interviews for all our applicants so that matches are optimized for successful and fruitful dating experiences.” said Joanne Ng, Business Development Director of Datesmith. Datesmith’s two tiered membership system – free and paid – allows virtually any single who wants to date to become a member of Datesmith.


Basically there are 2 kinda ways; Datesmith Match-up service where a personal date is will be conducted to a couple who personality matched and of course with a mutual agreement whilst the second way is Datesmith events. this is an organize event of differ theme and activities, its like more on gathering and mingling.


Becoming a member of Datesmith is ABSOLUTELY FREE! two processes required, fill up the form (online) and an in-person meeting with your appointed personal relationship manager. Next if you agree to set up a date, then only you need to purchase the date package which they will arrange everything accordingly. now you becoming their paid member and entitled to more dates until you find your RIGHT MATCH!


hehe sounds interesting huh?? Actually, i'm so lucky enough to be given this opportunity to experience their service. fyi i already attended the first interview session with Ms Joanne herself on just last week. she first requested me to fill up some sort of personality form about me and the other half. HAHA it was so fun as we casually talked a lot bout my own life, career, hobbies and of course those love-hate stories. well im planning to make a separate post on my own experience, please please do anticipated about it as now, im eagerly waiting for Joanne to call me back and introduce a personality that might matched mine and finally set up a lovely arrangement for 'us' hehehe

hahaha click here


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  1. Hi. I am wondering how much the packages are for datesmith? Is it expensive as in above 1k?

    1. not really sure onn the exact amount as i guess its vary but yep, NOT GO TILL 1K lah babe, try to direct contact with them yar :)


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