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Photographed by IG  @Fakroul_Imtiyaz | FB @Fakroul_Imtiyaz MUA by IG @makeupbycwfarah

Hi all ! :)

I've never imagined that i will up such a 'demanding' post as this. haha but hey since lot are asking, so why not? yup im looking for MUA and photographers who interested to do a COLLABORATION with me. please please note that this is a non-paid job and a win-win situation whereby you offer me your service and i share / review it in this humble page, my Instagram @SizzlingSuzai as well as my FB @SizzlingSuzai which normally i do 'charge' for it. hehe so that is the definition of a Symbiosis Situation. :)

So basically, as a Malaysia-based fashion blogger, i do receive constant invitations to the fashion events happening in here. be it Fashion shows, Opening boutique, Products or Label launching and etc etc. you may click the "Event" category button on top of this page for the list. besides, i also do a collaboration with few brands and sometimes call to be featured in media.

FYI above stunning shot is being photographed by Mr Fakroul as credited and the lovely, Ms Farah sponsored MUA touch on me! we don't really plan for this but i was actually having an interview with a reporter for my Utusan Malaysia feature on that same day. hence, their names had also being credited in the article. click here for the online copy :)

More on the benefits for those talented photographers. please be informed that all the fashion invitations are technically an exclusive invite which means only invited guest / media allowed to access. say it the annual event of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week, Malaysia Fashion Week, Zalora, Fashionvalet, well-known designers's couture showcase such by Rizalman Ibrahim, Jovian Mandagie, Rizman Ruzaini, Fiziwoo and many many more. you may type the "Fashion Show" in the search box above for the list. hence, it 'beautify' your portfolio and sharpen your skills on event, portrait, runway model and of course the overall runway shoot.

If all this tale sounds interesting, haha you may contact me via Email : suzai_smkj3@yahoo.com and we can discuss further. well people quotes

OK I really need to get myself ready now for the KLFW 2016 Innai Group and Rizman Ruzaini fashion show in a few hours! thanks for visiting and reading yar. talk to you later! :)


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  1. Gituuu~~ Makeup lawa... Ayoi punya gambar always superbb

    1. kan??? superb huhu kawen nnt mmg book ayoi siap2 !!


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