SEPHORA MY turns 5 Parteyh!

29.07.16 | KL Live, Kuala Lumpur

Sephora Malaysia celebrated its 5th birthday on the last Friday and i was so glad to be part of it! they even invited the American pop duo, Karmin to entertain the crowd. sorry fail to get any photo of them but i have their super duper spectacular performance shorty clip in my instagram. click here hehe honestly, just knowing the band that evening and hell yeah i love them. seriously they got nice tracks though! ive so much of fun chilling out with my besties and non-stop taking #selfie haha since the lighting is damn excellent! haha whilst enjoying the live music. well, the night ended at 1130pm. thanks MilkPr thanks Sephora for having me! :)

#SephoraMy #SephoraMYTurns5


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  1. posing yg pegang kepala tu posing terbaru lepas patah leher ke dik kehpam hukhuk..posing banyak masalah ke camner tu..ehh hahahahaha

  2. tk dpt invitation ni pun!! sob sob ..
    boleh thn menggoda juga kak suzai ni eah hehe

  3. Jyeahh! Great moment during the #SephoraMYturns5!


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