Lights Out Movie Review : Diana vs Valak

Hey its been seriously a very long time that i haven't review any movies that i watched. admittedly, i do watch quite a number such the most-recent one, AADC 2, The Conjuring 2, Me Before You and many more which i even fail to recall. lol. sorry though as im now not in the condition of blogging for real anymore. always posting up bout the blog events that i attended, the blog task which comes with a deadline and bla bla bla they are all not really a personal updates. seeking for apology to those who expect for something else than fashion and events write up. huhu


1) Was not into it

Lets straight away jump onto the verdict. truth to be told that i was not so thrilled over this movie when i watched the trailer although i am fully aware that its my favourite-horror-director James Wan's production. then, my movie buddies, Dayah cyg and Ateen cyg insisted to watch it. so OK lah as an unselfish friend (haha!) i followed the majority. a day after, i bumped onto few reviews mentioning that 'Diana' is scarier than The Conjuring's 'Valak', well from that moment i was completely into it!

2) Swift plot

I'd say 81 minutes of the whole duration is perfect! not even a single minute is boring or useless lol sounds over-defined but the plot running fast as you will meet the ghost at 3-5 minutes just after the movie begin! this is beyond my expectation too haha coz normally the ghost story is kinda 'flashing back' where it starts with the prologue, then only the 'lights out' and ghost come out. haha but seriously, this movie initiated with a nerve-wrecking scene at a silent mannequin warehouse at night! imagine few mannequins standing in a dimmed room, then the lights keep on intermittently on and off but you'll see 'something' when its off and nothing when its on! errr im writing this at 2:33am lol #MukaDahBiru haha then, after bout 10 minutes of hide-and-seek that 1st victim died! see so fast kan? #MukaBiruLagi

3) Why Diana is scarier than Valak?

Well, Diana is the name of the ghost which same goes with Valak in the movie The Conjuring 2. there is a story behind who is this Diana but im too lazy to explain, haha either you go and watch it or read the full synopsis here lol

Now why does she is creepier?
1) Diana is not showing her real face even when she was a human! coz personally i tend to less afraid of physically shown ghost as they are spirit, how can they have a physical figure and real shape.
2) Diana can open and close the door lol (which means it able to create physical contact!)
3) Diana can only be seen in dark and for that, she able to switch off the lights! she even comes out on a sunny day, she hides and seeks in a dark closet, under the bed and any dark places haha so what else to do? 
4) Diana can control her victim who is the one-and-only Sophie in this movie (thank gad!)
5) Diana can ATTACK and finally KILL humans! (which Valak cannot murder she just scared away those humans in The Conjuring 2, right?)

4) Better than The Conjuring 2!

OK thats it, now is 3:01am i should probably go to sleep as soonest as possible! haha so highly recommended for you to go and watch before the show sold out. yup especially those spooky movie fans who also found that the trailer is just so-so haha in which it is actually the other way around. this movie is way better than The Conjuring 2 in terms of plot story and suspend scenes. yup of course i was screaming my lungs out on 2 or 3 scenes. well, my 2 buddies there, they not even looking at the screen err always like that one, then asking me "eh did the ghost comes out?" "OMG How does the ghost looks like?" lol hahaha

5) Ranked as 4.8 stars out of 5.0

Thanks for reading and Good Luck! XD


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