Look #230 - MY Uniqlo MY

Cortesia KL Scarf / Uniqlo Shirt and Pants / Unbranded Outerwear / Aldo Clog / Vincci Purse

That pants is my love at the first sight! i know it will look good on the petite me once seeing it on the Uniqlo's dummies. considered as a jogger pants since the bottom part is a ribbed cuffs. well, thats the main reason of my fanciness. i truly adore the variety range of colours and patterns which making me wanna buy them all! luckily, i just ended with two pairs lol one is this light brown-almost grey and another pair is more formal look, Blue-Black with vertical lines.

Despite the 97% cotton material, the cutting is amazingly comfortable. made for easy movement and providing large size pockets on both sides. HAHA clearly can see my phone's shape inside my left pocket! hence, i do wear it as my working attire as well. previously, sell at RM129 but i got at discounted price of ONLY RM79.90 each pair. not sure still there or not but the last time i went to one of the outlet, hehe theres no more displaying this pants. its ok nah, the exact name would be "Women Cotton Stretch Jogger Pants" go and ask the sales person yar. good luck and Happy hunting!

Btw that baseball oversized shirt is from a bundle shop long time ago. i thought i'd never wearing it like forever haha but suddenly, an idea of combining with the pants just popped out. hesitating at first but yeah glad that i just worn it confidently for the whole evening. now, im super loving this whole ootd by looking at these shots. it works i guess? let me know what do you think about it? thanks for reading darls :)

Photographed by Yusfariq Iqmal from NYZLifestyle.Com


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