DAY 2 : CHMILEY MO by Diana Rikasari #KLFWRTW2016

although quirky is not my cup of tea but that jacket is a must-have!
OK major love for the top!

18.08.16 | DAY 2 : KLFW 2016 | Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

“I just want to create a happy line for everyone.” Diana Rikasari

Schmiley  Mo  is  an  Indonesian-based  fashion  brand spearheaded by Diana Rikasari, a renowned fashion blogger and entrepreneur from Jakarta, Indonesia. The  collection,  which  reflects  her personal  style,  will  debut  at  this  years  Kuala Lumpur  Fashion  Week.

With  colours  and  sweet  treats  as  the  inspiration,  her  collection  will certainly add more excitement into the hottest fashion event in Malaysia. Smile emoticons and various food and drinks dominate most of the pieces, making it a cute and quirky range of clothing suited for the trendy and brave.  Ruffles and badges also make an appearance in true Diana Rikasaris style. Whilst this particular collection focuses more on pastel palettes, bold colours will also be incorporated for a touch of surprise.

Mostly  with  loose-fit  cuts,  Diana  designed  it  to  cater  to  all  body  shapes  and  types  with  a versatile  flair  for  the  wearer  to  mix  and match  as  they  please.  Seeing  as  how  Diana  herself likes  to  layer  her  outfits,  her  collection  allows  the  wearer  to  do  just  that.  They  consist  of jackets,  tops,  bottom,  dress  and  skirts.  The  overall  description  of  her  collection  is  versatile
with a touch of quirky, happy and fun notes.

The  only  Indonesian  brand  to  be  featured  in  the  most  coveted  fashion  event  in  Malaysia, Schmiley Mo is a new brand to watch out for.  The collection will be available in a wide range of sizes between XS - XXL with prices ranging from RM99 to RM219 on FV.


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