DAY 1 : INNAI RED Resort 2017 #KLFWRTW2016

17.08.16 | DAY 1 : KLFW 2016 | Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

"Innai Red take the carnival out of Rio into KLFW 2016!" Glam Malaysia

For Resort 2017, Innai Red takes on the city of Ipanema, Carioca and world famous Carnival translating it into a fashionable celebration of life and colours at the recent Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) Innai Red injects this visual essence into pieces that uplifts the wearer through her many travels, power meetings and social gatherings.

“The collection speaks to women with a sense of flirt and playfulness in her attitude and wardrobe, not limiting colours and styles to regimented perceptions. She does not reserve fun for only certain occasions. Prints and colours for brunch or even ruffles. This is the new modern, where one creates her own rules. She is her own style canvas,” commented Juliani Jamal and Arene P. Khairudin, the creative designers behind Innai Red.

Innai Red collaborates with Merrack & Co., a homegrown sustainable footwear line for casual and travel wear. The brand is well known for combining jute with breathable natural fibre in producing Espadrilles and wedges amongst others. This collaboration sees the marriage of comfort with style as footwear featured Innai Red’s exclusive prints and signature embellishments.

I see lot of blue shade in this whole collection which might related to the Resort theme it brings? combination of orange-blue is always so loud and cheerful, loving this colour blocking so much! then, who can beat 3D creation of Innai Red? my major love is on the ruffle detailing at the bottom of the skirts and also the sleeves. well off-shoulders trending is also one of their inspiration. never fail to impress and i do wish i could wear Innai's creation on that one fine day!

The founder of Innai, Izrin Ismail (right) is wearing a piece from Rio Bonito. perfecto from top to bottom to the clutch though! definitely a show-stopper as i was stun looking at the whole dress once she passed by in front of me. haha i dazed till missing the opportunity to take photo with her. OK to be honest, i was feeling quite underdressed! LOL surely will catch her in the next meeting!

Courtesy of INNAI RED


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  1. Everything (the models, the outfits, the post contents) is so nice :)


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