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Truthfully, Ive never trust an online match-making or such an arrangement for two people who has not previously met by a stranger. it sounds bizarre and it must be so awkward! lol there is no specific reason on why i have that silly thought in my mind but i always believe that a meeting of two people should be happened in a natural way eventhough i know that some couple met through this process, well it just me and my complicated mind huhu...

Then, came a day when Datesmith approached me to experience their offline-dating service. without hesitation, i replied 'Yes' since i'm always looking forward to try out 'new' things and 'challenge' myself especially on the thing that i dislike! haha hence, a meet up between me and the Datesmith agent being made in a quite cafe in Bangsar. Basically, this meet up is to get to know me more and also my expectations of the matched-guy who soon probably gonna be my boyfriend or perhaps, a potential husband? lol

Nah, this part is so interesting! haha because i was given a form that loaded with the questions on the characteristics of that matched-guy that im looking for lol and guess what i didn't expected that it would be as detailed as

"Physical look? as in Slim, Athletic, Masculine and etc"
"Mixed blood?"
and if i tick yes to "Chinese" or any non-muslim religion means that im expecting him to convert right? then next question is if he willing to convert to Islam, does he needs to practice Islam religiously or stick to his old life and belief? Nah, this question is my favourite! haha because the answer is definitely YES, he needs to learn Islam and adopt to Muslim's lifestyle by stop practicing the prohibited deeds such as drinking and etc. :)

Another, detailing that i was so impressed during this whole ice-breaking is the "Turn On and Turn Off" points. so again without hesitation, i listed out what are mine

Turn ON
Responsible, Ready to commit, Caring, Traveler

Turn OFF
Drink, free s*x errr

I strictly highlighted that the "Turn OFF" points are totally a turn off for me. fyi theres no such thing as 'casual drinker' to me. the Harom means Harom! we are not allowed to have an alcoholic drink even for a tiny little drop, yup even in our foods :)

Cut it short, after few weeks which i guess it took about more than 1 month to find that suitable 'candidate' as to match my 'ridiculous' characteristics, i received a call from the agent saying "Hey Suzai, We Have Found Your Match!" i was quite surprised as they finally found one because i thought that they wouldn't gonna find at all! haha so, the "blind date" being arranged between me, the agent as the acquaintance and the matched-guy.

On the present day, i drove to a shopping mall in KL to meet him. the agent has made a booking for us at a cosy restaurant which i don't think i'd like to name it. OK honestly, i was late for 18 minutes since the date was set to be at 1pm but i reached at 1:18pm and the guy already left! OMG im sorry to say that he is not gentleman at all because it was not even passed 30 minutes though. but i was not mad, i was just surprised and im totally admitting that it was my mistake and yey i predict that this guy must be a really punctual person. hey im sorry, im not his type too! HAHAHA so, the first impression on both sides already fail LOL hahaha

It didn't end there as i quickly made a call to the agent and thankfully, that guy is still around and he agrees to comeback and meeting me! HAHA OMG i don't really know what i felt at that particular moment, should i mad because he left? or should i be sorry because i was late? or should i be nervous that finally we gonna meet? gosh to be honest, i felt like c'mon just finish this thing...

So, he showed up! OK first glance, he is slim, smart (wearing white shirt and jeans), fairly a nice and good looking guy and he smiled. HAHA and of course the first word spilled from my mouth is "Sorry i was late" LOL he seemed OK with it, he claimed that he just felt so ashamed sitting alone, so he decided to wait outside instead. Oh OK good.. HAHA so, he sat in front of me and we both having juices and we started talking. we talked a lot on work, family and found out that we share the same interest in fashion. fyi im easy being around new people because my job is requiring me to meet new people almost everyday! so, awkward is not in my dictionary though HAHA then, after about 30 minutes only i realized he is wearing earrings, a tiny diamond one.

OH OK................................. bye.........................

Ops, not yet "Bye" as we both agree to go for a lighter meal and continuing our conversation but it was about 3:30pm, i didn't have a choice as i need to perform my solat. i just simply told him that please give me like 20 minutes but to my surprise, he followed me to the surau. HAHA sorry im not trying to be judgmental but im impressed as even some of my friends refusing to follow me to the surau lol see see, he is indeed a GOOD and NICE guy :)

So, we ended up in a cafe and kept on getting to know each other. well, don't really remember the input but in the middle of the conversation, he excused himself to go out and smoke. HAHA hey, im seriously OK with it and after like 20 minutes, he came back and again, we changed to another spot and this time, the discussion is going deeper and more serious.

He talked about his family and his lifestyle in which i was disappointed to know that there is alcoholic drink in his home's refrigerator and that is a totally common situation to them. well, TO BE HONEST, im not surprised that he drinks but remember that it is my TURN OFF point right?? then, he continued that he loves dogs and he got dog as his pet. No im not making faces but i  assumed that he is actually trying to see my reaction and my respond towards his confession HAHA errr..... it was seriously hard to stay calm when you know that they are clearly wrong. hmmmm...

Again, i'd say he is a nice guy when he accompanying me to the lift in searching for my parking basement. then, when the lift is about to arrive, he suddenly asked for my phone number, he goes like

Matched-Guy : "Eh should i get your number? no right?"
Me : "Oh sure, why not?"

HAHA he looked extremely surprise because he thought that after that 'different-belief-and-lifestyle' confession, i was just gonna let this thing go. hmmm.. im this type of person who really hard to reject things and yey, making network is part of my life (blogging thingy!)

OK Lets just conclude the whole thing. firstly, i know that "he is NOT the one" once he left at the beginning and once he walked into the restaurant and sat in front of me and once i saw the earrings! HAHA but hey, i love making friend and my circle of friends is seriously wide and 'variety' HAHA so this 'urban culture' is not a new thing to me though.

But the key point of this whole meeting is Datesmith trying to find a soulmate for both of us right? we know it won't work, so whats the purpose of being friend? HAHA after the meeting, the agent asked me whether i'd like to meet him again or not? and my answer is YES since again, i just don't know how to say "No" but i guess, his answer is NO! HAHA because he never contact me after this meeting Alhamdulillah..thank God!

Anyhow, just a friendly reminder to the Datesmith please be more sensitive towards the "Turn Off and Turn ON" points as i guess they are playing the major role of the whole determination. Overall, i am so impressed with detailing system on each side's personality (before the match-making happens!) but eventually, i believe it still depends on fate. well atleast, give a try though :)

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