Sizzling Suzai X Yuna Zarai

By Thursday, August 25, 2016 ,

OMG another Sizzling Suzai X Yuna Zarai haha see my big grin shows it all! the unctrollable excitement! haha to conclude, this is the 5th times i met her for real yet the 3rd times having a photo together and i won't stop counting, fanning, loving and adoring her. go Yuna you are always so inspiring and i pray for your more success in future amin,.

This pretty photo is taken at the launching of her collab with her bestfriend-designer, Hatta Dolmat called as #HattaXYuna Click here for the write up and to view the collection. Congratulation Yuna and Hatta, the pieces are outstanding as expected coming from two talented and creative people.

Photographed by SyafiqahHashimxoxo

#PeminatKipasSusahMatiYuna #HattaxYuna


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  1. I like her too.. She is very friendly and humble, met her once too during an event.. She is quite tall and I'm quite short so our photo together turned out to be hmmmm.. hahahaha

    1. HHAHAHAHAHAHA o got u babe! this one me is wearing a 4inch heels weih still far away but hey atleast ! haha yup shes so tallll!


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