Sizzling Suzai X Zaihanim Zain

We've known each other for years now and the funny thing bout it is we ALWAYS and SURELY will bump onto each other at almost ALL the fashion events i attended. clearly, the fashion industry in Kuala Lumpur is circling around the same clan! haha i do hope Kak Zai (the way i addressing her) not yet feeling bored of seeing me though since i am always the excite me whos never fail to request a wefie lol and yup so far she has never yet refusing any of it. trust me she got a very nice heart although look like so garang haha and so kinda judgmental but actually she is far away from both. to those who is wondering upon the identity of this super stylish woman, go and check her instagram @ZaihanimZain a well-known fashion critics in Malaysia, i'd say? haha thanks AllIsAmazing for this beautiful shot as that 'selfie' i was trying to capture is total FAIL! haha its shaking like hell lol


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