Look #229 - Party Mood On!

sorry for my DOUBLE CHIN! OMG hahaha
Scarf from Waffaa / F21 Jacket / Unbranded Top / Topshop Jaime Jeans / HM Boots / Vincci Purse

Keep Calm and Party Hard! haha well this outfit is for recent #SEPHORAMYTURNS5 party. click here for more photos from the celebration. there was no specific theme given (hello, its parteyh beybeh who needs a rule?!) hence, i was only can think of this repeatedly wearing ripped jeans from Topshop and that ankle boots. both are screaming wild and effortlessly chic!

That top is making its first appearance on this page whereby it is also the highlight of the whole outfit. yup as stated, it is unbranded and surprise! surprise! i got this top at a bundle shop with ONLY RM5 !! couldn't really see it but the top is actually a cropped length. i purposely tied a knot on the front part to avoid looking boring ?? lol perhaps to ensure that it will look different when i normally wearing it on some other time ? haha

Well sometimes you don't really need a reason, just be creative on what's left in the wardrobe and work on it! Oh ya another tip to lock a 'party look' is the sling bag, yup highly recommended to wear that way! lol thanks guys for visiting and reading :)

Photographed by my dear SyafiqahHashimxoxo


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