Street Churros Korea Now in Malaysia!

Anyeong haseyo!!

hahaha as a BIG FAN of Kpop and korean culture, im freaking happy knowing that one of the famous Korean snack comes by the name of Churros Street finally landed in Malaysia. they just officially launched their very first outlet in IOI City Mall Putrajaya (LG-66A) no fret Malaysian, the boss claimed that the next branch will be opening soon in 1 Utama, Nu Sentral and more to come. yeah Nomu Chukeyo guys!

OK i know that im too lucky to be among of the early birds tasting on this crunchy-fried dough pastry! well im listing some of our order for your reference hehe (well haha not really some i'd say!)

3 types of "Original Churros" prepared in a horseshoe-shaped pastry dusted lightly in Cinnamon, Chocolate or Grain. Cost only RM4.90 each

4 type of Dipping Sauces, flavours choose from – Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Strawberry and Blueberry, at an additional RM1.50 each

“Filling-Chu” Crunchy on the inside, with a soft and gooey centre filled with a choice of Chocolate, Cream Cheese or Blueberry, priced at only RM7.90 each. 

“Ah-Chu” The ice cream comes in a choice of 4 flavours, namely Choco Choco, Choco Berry and Strawberry, in addition to Plain Vanillapriced from RM7.90 each. 

Exclusive range of Lattes – Choco Latte, Green Tea Latte, and Milk Tea Latte RM8.9 each

And also Banana Milkshake to those whos missing the famous Korean Banana Uyu! RM 9.90 each

OK my Favourite pick would be the Original Churros flavoured Cinnamon! OMO selling at a very reasonable price of RM4.90, you can enjoy it while its still hot! yup they serve all this hand-crafted churros while its still hot! seriously go and taste it. hehe eating this on last week reminisces me of my moment in Bukchon Village, rejoicing the hot churros in a cold weather of Seoul! Argghhhhhhh nomu bogosipo!!! maksudnya adalah Rindu giler!

with my dear Blogger Buddies, seriously nice meeting you guys! :)
har jangan majok2 bro, nah selfie kita hehe Thanks Bro Syukri!

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  1. mlm2 tgk churros lg, rs lpr blk haha..cpt2 la die buka cawangan kt kl plak

  2. Jom laaa g Korea..hahahahaha...ok²...we loved the same thing! Omgggeee...cinnamon (*^▽^*)

  3. Marvelous churros, great hangout with friends... Street Churros always the best!!... Love it!! :) :)

  4. Kenapa gambar yang last tue, macam hensem je... macam kacak je....


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