Sizzling Suzai X Ziana Zain

By Monday, August 22, 2016

Like OMG shes Ziana Zain kot!! the queen of ballad and a well-known Diva in Malaysia. she is a compatible of everything, a great singer, a multi-talented actress and a fashion icon. she is my idol since childhood and remain the same in my heart till now. i've actually met her few times and as far as i remember this was the 2nd time i took a photo with her. thanks Kak Ziana for always being nice and please know that i'm fanning you hard and i LOVE you so much!!

#PeminatKipasSusahMatiZianaZain is here. everytime karoks pun i'll sing my fav song "Kekal" lol

Photographed by Fakroul Imtiyaz


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  1. WOW! So glamorous! Both of you!! She's like J-Lo. Doesn't age!!!

    Mira | Pretty Little Things

    1. tq yanggg! hehe aah she do look like JLO hahahhaa


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