Look #226 - That Statement Pants

Scarf from Brunei / Shirt from Brands Outlet / Unbranded Pants / Aldo Clog / MK Bag

Salam Ramadhan..

Truthfully, i don't really fancy this whole #ootd that much as it was a very last minute decision and there was a dramatic moment where i should transforming my working attire to a attending-fashion-show kinda look in a very short timing. so, here the outcome! haha

Anyhow, i've yet experimenting a statement pants. so when i found this eye catching and bold wide pants at one of a vendor shop, i just grab it without really have the idea on how to style it lol not really cheap though it is an unbranded item, i guess the price is RM70 ??

OK honestly, there are still few ways to style the pants besides this ugly formal-casual combo. will try my best to show it although i don't really feel like wear it again haha as im thinking to sell it as a pre-loved item. well lets see what will happen, any interested and serious buyer here? PM me then hehe. thanks for visiting and reading :)

Photographed by AynaJalal


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