Look #225 - Unforeseen Combo

Mumu Scarves / Kaftan borrowed from mom / Clutch and Necklace from Padang, Indonesia

Salam Ramadhan..

This outfit was being worn at my friend's solemnization on the last few weeks. since the venue is at a sacred mosque, im absolutely need something that resemble modesty but still fashionable itself. hehe hence, a kaftan is always a brilliant option.

Let me ramble a bit about the colour blocking in here. it is well-known that purple is vividly contrasting with yellow or in this case its gold. recently, i've been always so aroused over avoiding monochrome or boring colour combo which i always ended up thinking something out-of-the-box and displaying colour blocking to my outfit. not overdoing as im still maintaining 2 tones because im comfortable just like that.

I wholeheartedly love this kaftan which i borrowed from my mom's wardrobe. im not sure where did she bought this but a chiffon material is always win in order to look sophisticated and chic! adding on some gold and silk material are another way to look more 'expensive'. i was actually worn this same kaftan in here Look #90 - Pretty In Purple it was a long long time ago!

Hopefully you love both looks. well happy fasting to all Muslim readers. wish this Ramadhan will be a better Ramadhan than our previous, lets double up our 'Ibadah and read Qur'an more often! Insyallah and thanks for visiting though :)

Photographed by my dear babe, go and visit her NurFatinZakki


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