5 BEST Look of INNAI for FV Raya 2016

"“The Blush of Raya consists of styles that are clean, feminine and chic in sweet pastels that would make its wearer blush with sweetness. We have kurung sets that can be worn as separates to set a different tone. The collection is of a polished style with on-trend 3D embellishment details infused with confidence and playfulness.” - Izrin Ismail, Founder

Innai, a union of mother and her two daughters. Founded in 2004, INNAI was born out of this family’s love of batik and urban aesthetics. Breaking the boundaries of traditional art, Innai combines traditional hand-drawn batik craftsmanship and fine fabrics with contemporary designs and silhouettes.
Each piece holds a story within itself. Its philosophies behind its colour and design, the process in which it is made and the fall of each piece on a woman. Innai’s collections are manifestations of Malaysian heritage and the spirit of those behind the brand.

OMG this collection is my ultimate crush! the most is im lusting over their 3D embellishment details which i must say it is Innai's best signature. remember the origami collection from the last year KLFW?! the top is clearly being made as simple as they could since the highlight is being pointed on the bottom part. im dying to get that 1st or 2nd look yet my aim blurry a bit when looking at the price tags which eventually out on FV just on last week. RM1,272 for either the Naila Kurung Set (1st look) or Asha Kurung Set (2nd look). i do not underestimate the quality of the fabrics as well as the esquisite detailing yet im in a big hesitation now. huhu
Available now in Fashionvalet.

Photographed by Sizzling Suzai
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