Look #224 - Black is the new colour

By Thursday, June 02, 2016 ,

Uniqlo scarf / Top from Kurung by Rizalman For Zalora 2015 / Unbranded Tutu Skirt / Vincci Purse

Im sorry readers as i can't get enough of Black! the thought of this shade able to project sophistication and chic factor makes me own lot of black garments in the wardrobe. as you could clearly see in the outfit's description, that top is the Ebru Baju Kurung from the last year's Rizalman For Zalora collection. click here for the full look.

yup its a baju kurung but it works well as a top too! mix 'n match works well when you are trying your best to save cost on the clothing shopping lol. Hopefully you love it as much as i do! thanks for visiting and reading though please follow my Instagram @SizzlingSuzai for more updates :)

Photographed by SyafiqahHashimxoxo


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  1. Hi,

    Nice outfit.
    I never thought that's baju kurung top. The top and skirts are nice!:)


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