4 Best Look from Ira by Twenty3 #Raya2016

This show was happening on the last last month which is also my first Gaya Koleksi Raya fashion show that i attended. my apology for delaying the blogpost as i really need to consider the one with the deadline first. however, as shown above are the 4 best look from Ira by Twenty3 collection that successfully captured my interest.

Personally i do adore the blossom motiph which specially illustrated for this collection and the soft shades that they chose. although on the garment designs, they keep it simple and sleek. nothing really new or over-the-top as i believe they just wanna stick with the already-favourite in the market like peplum top and maxi tutu skirt.

Meeting and minggling with my fashion buddies who mostly are the famous instagrammers is always cool. well, as always with my dear Ahdek Syafiqah Hashim xoxo. thanks for 'forcing' me to accompany you! HAHA LOL thanks a lot dear for inviting. till our next meet yar :)

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai


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