Alia B. Raya 2016 Fashion Show for Fashionvalet

"Timelessness," Alia says, "is what I want my designs to exude. And, above all, I keep in mind ease and comfort. That's why I came into this industry in the first place - to design and create pieces that I would want to wear myself."
2016 marked the 5th year since the Alia Bastamam brand officially launched, with the first collection presented in April 2011. From there, the Alia Bastamam brand has expanded into the diffusion label Alia B., skewing more focus on the expansive ready-to-wear market. While Alia designs what she feels for her main line, the diffusion label Alia B. is younger and more trend-driven. "They are the same woman," Alia explains, "Alia Bastamam is more womanly and more confident, and Alia B. definitely likes to have fun with what she wears." In essence, the two brands represents the two sides to every woman.
From my humble point of view, indeed the collection is wearable and feminine. this collection is like a sequence episode from her previous Raya 2015 as clearly being interpreted on the 1st and last look. that 1st top is my ultimate favourite! well, Alia Bastamam is always one of my favourite Malaysian designer and getting this opportunity to witness the collection and feel the high quality material used by myself (at the FV popped up store, White box) is my big pleasure. Price starts at RM459 and available on now Fashionvalet.Com 

Photographed by Sizzling Suzai
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