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Hairdepot is your one-stop-centre accommodating various hair and scalp products and tools. Over 20 outlets available such in Mid Valley, Quill City Mall, e@curve, Nu Sentral, Amcorp Mall and Square One Mall JB. click Here for the store locator details. Congratulation for this newest outlet in 1 Utama. hint : New wing, LG Floor and next to Old Town White Coffee.

Choose from a diverse selection of over 3,000 products across hundreds of well-known brands such as Erayba, L'oreal, Nioxin, Redken, Paul Mitchel, Schwarzkopf from luxury salon & spa brands to high-street saviours, as well as eco-chic natural & organic staples. With new products arriving every month, you’re sure to find something uniquely yours!

Admittedly, the shop is very much exciting as surely you will be drawn over hundred of super attractive bottles and packaging. haha till i'm so sure that you feel like wanna grab everything without really knowing the benefits to your hair. fret not! as the shop assistants are there ready to serve you and solve your hair problem as their motto, Treat Your Hair Right! hehe

MIDORI Scalp Care - Hair Loss Solution

Initially, i am a bit clueless myself when receiving an email from Hairdepot MY to collab on this project as honestly, i've never heard the name before. being the noob me, i've never thinking of getting a pro advice on my hair problem that im currently facing on. i kept on changing my shampoo from one to another but seems like it doesn't work at all! huhu hence, this approach comes knocking at the very right timing, thanks guys!

Again, so the very best thing about this hair depot is there is a FREE Consultation for every customer walks in. when the sales person approached me, i whined her about how serious is my hair fall problem especially during and after i washed my hair. without hesitation, she introduces MIDORI haircare products to me and suggests me 3 items; The Scalp Peeling, Hair Growth Shampoo and Essence. hence, now i got 3 steps for my hair washing routine......well to cure this hair problem and to get back that healthy and bouncing hair, i really need to!

STEP 1 : MIDORI Secret Energy - Scalp Peeling Gel

Firstly, with the dry hair, i spray this gel directly onto my scalp. im barely focusing on the most affected areas, then gently massage to spread it. This pre-shampoo cleansing, scalp peeling gel makes the scalp clean by letting impurities (dead cell and excess sebum) out of the pores. basically, one pump of 15ml can be used for 2 or 3 times!

Benefits of using Midori Secret Energy Scalp Peeling Gel:
  • Exfoliates and tones scalps which are prone to oiliness
  • Clean and balanced scalp
  • So, the shampooing later will absorb well and better!

Application Distribute evenly onto stressed, irritated scalp. gently massage for 2-3 times then only rinsing with the secret hair growth shampoo

Advice At least 2 times per week

Price RM83

STEP 2 : MIDORI Secret Energy - Hair Growth Shampoo

After rinsing, i use this special shampoo to wash my hair. hehe everybody will hating this as please be informed that it will not make lot of bubbles like our normal shampoo. haha honestly, we always have this unsatisfaction when dealing with this kinda liquid but yeah it cleans well. So, just bear with it! Midori Hair Growth Shampoo is specially designed to stimulate hair growth directly at the roots. the bottle comes with a pump head and the contain is quite generous. got 2 sizes either 300ml or 1000ml.

Key Features
  • Deep cleanses the hair and scalp
  • Effective reduce hair loss and stimulating hair growth
  • Prevent Premature Greying
  • Neutralizes toxins and free radicals, removes DHT
  • Stimulates vital blood circulation to the scalp and body builds the hair

Application Depending on length of hair, place one or two hazelnut-sized doses of shampoo on your palm. Work into light lather. Place one hand at front of head, one at back of head. Massage gently. Rinse well.

Advice At least 3 times per week. personally, i alternately using my daily shampoo

Price RM60

STEP 3 : MIDORI Secret Energy - Essence

The last step is i apply this essence once my hair is towel DRY. same was as applying the peeling gel, i need to spray it directly onto the scalp. the liquid is quite watery and its acting like a tonic. Midori Secret Energy Essence is clinically proven to slow or stop hair loss and to promote new, natural hair growth.

Key Ingredient Trichogen

  • Botanical complex formulated to combat hair loss and thinning by increasing circulation to the scalp while blocking DHT and irrigating and cleansing.
  • Based on my reading, BIOTIN (vitamin of the B complex, synthesis of fatty acids and glucose) is one of the essential vitamin that need to be included in all the Hair Loss Repair Shampoo. one of the viatmins contain in this shampoo is Zinc Gluconate which function to block DHT when combined with niacinamide and biotin.

yup need this for a better understanding haha a simple explanation on DHT. thats why need to remove DHT! got it?

Application After shampooing, towel dry then only apply the contents of the ampoule on the scalp, section by section. Gently massage in with the fingertips, rub in with a light circular motion for optimum absorption. leave on for 3-5 minutes and styles as usual. DO NOT RINSE!

Advice At least 2 or 3 times per week, during a 4 week period.

Price RM94

Hairdepot Argan Oil

OMG im truly loving the smells! its very very nice and definitely a delightful finishing. Well, this is an option for a healthier hair! final step i gently rub my hair with this Argan oil. the function is to naturally penetrate the hair to help moisturized each layer of the hair strand for long-term hair repair so your hair actually looks and feel healthier, silkier, and extraordinarily shiny. in short

• deeply restructures hair
• protects hair from external agents
• softens and nourishes hair
• performs an anti-aging action
• performs an anti-frizz action and protects against humidity
• gives extreme shine to natural reflections


Application Apply small quantities on damp hair and distribute uniformly along the length. Proceed with hair dried hairstyle afterwards.

Price RM89 


To be honest, i just applying this new regime in this 2 weeks but seriously, the amount of hair fall DURING WASHING AND AFTER WASHING IS RESULTED LESSER! im so sorry that im not allowed to show you my hair but truthfully, im so much satisfy with the result. although they suggest to use the peeling gel and essence like 2 or 3 times in a week but i continue put it onto my scalp on everytime i wash my hair.

The feeling is very refreshing and cleaner. well, i reckon that pre-shampoo, the scalp peeling gel is doing its absorption work very well. the only bad thing about this whole new routine is i need to spend a longer time since there are 3 steps need to be followed but hey, its better to cure now since i was feeling like im gonna bold sooner or later lol definitely will continue using these 3 items till my hair fall problem solve! just fyi that i love the Midori Hair Growth Shampoo and Argan oil very much as they both have an extremely nice smell! hehe 

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Photographed by SizzlingSuzai for What So Sizzle Bout Sizzling Suzai


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  1. Best scalp peeling gel tu, bersih giler rasa kulit kepala lps pakai =)

  2. Great! I have one question whether this product creates any side effects?? How to Prevent Hair Fall

    1. so far NO SIDE EFFECT instead it solves my hair loss problem but yo really need to consistently maintain the routine atleast 2x in a week. ive once stop using it for about a month then the hair fall slowly comeback but this time, it was not really that much as before. that PEELING is highly recommended !

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