Menate Ramadhan 2016 Review

Heavenly Beef and Heavenly Lamb set which comes with a special Me'nate rice for 4-6 pax!

Salam Ramadhan..

As on the last year, again i've been invited to the Me'nate Ramadhan 2016 Review. thanks guys for having me! well not very much difference on the menu selection as they are still offering Heavenly Beef (Short ribs & Wagyu spare ribs) ,  Heavenly Lamb (Lamb shoulder & Lamb Shank), Heavenly Chicken and Group Steak (mix steak) which i absolutely sure that people come for their meats galore!

[Photo by SabbyPrue] Me'nate's Heavenly Lamb Shank (RM350) for 4-6 pax

[Photo] Me'nate's Heavenly Lamb Shoulder (RM350) for 4-6 pax

[Photo] Me'nate's Heavenly Beef Wagyu Spare Ribs (RM400) for 4-6 pax

[Photo] Me'nate's Heavenly Beef Short Ribs (RM300) for 4-6 pax

[Photo by SabbyPrue] Me'nate's Heavenly Chicken (RM99) for 4-6 pax

[Photo] Me'nate's Heavenly Group Steak Set (RM80 per pax) - Choice of Beef, Lamb or Chicken

The one set look alike, basically they prepared 2 sets; Heavenly Beef, Heavenly Lamb and Heavenly Chicken set come with Me'nate rice, Me'nate Bubur lambuk, kurma fresh fruits, kuih and FREE Flow drinks! The me'nate rice is a special aromatic rice using the Basmati rice which 1 set able to feed atleast 4 diners.

The 2nd set is for the Group Steak Set, it is being served with Aglio olio / Me'nate rice, coleslaw, mashed potato, salad and also FREE Flow drinks!  

[Photo by SabbyPrue]

The FREE flow drinks comes with Unlimited and Wide choices of cold and hot coffee. this is my fav haha as you can even pick Hazelnut Coffee! arghhh heaven sangat for a coffee addict like me. haha well, they are even giving you to choose between Black pepper sauce, Mushroom sauce or Mint sauce. Sangat sangat terbaik!

Me'nate Steak Hub (Setapak)
Starpac Point, Jalan Taman Ibu Kota
Off Jalan Genting Klang, 53300 Kuala Lumpur

Me'nate Steak Hub (Ampang)
No.16, Jalan Kerja Air Lama Satu, 
Taman Shuet Liang, Ampang Jaya, Selangor.

Me'nate Steak Hub (Bangi)
No. 25, Jalan Medan Pusat 2d 3b, Curve Business Park,
Seksyen 9, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.

With my dear blogger buddies who are so havoc from the beginning of the meeting till the end of the event lol everybody is a foodie and we were very much enjoying our time savoring on the scrumptious dishes provided by Me'nate, gossiping to the latest updates and yeah gathering just like that! btw, click HERE for the last year blogpost for more photo of the meat's detailing! hehe

For more info

Official Facebook | Official Instagram
Contact |  019 391 1047 / 019 477 1047 / 019 261 1047

Photographed by SizzlingSuzai & SabbyPrue. Hence, the used of any photos above without permission, credit or linked back to this blog is strictly offended. Thanks!


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  1. Enjoy sgt makan kat sini kan bestnya...

  2. Me'nate mmg terkenal dengan hidangan daging yang mmg berbaloi...segala jenis daging dengan pelbagai jenis pilihan seperti Wa'gyu, Angus, Grain Fed, Grass Fed dan lamb ada kat sini...Rindunyaaa kat Wagyu~


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