[Review] GRAVITY 3D


Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone, a Bio-medical engineer in mission specialist, commanded by the veteran astronaut, Matt Kowalski (George Clooney). During her first mission to service the  Hubble Space Telescope which later damaged the Explorer (caused by destruction from an anti-satellite) and tumbles her out of control away from it. they're both lost connection with the Mission Control.

Kowalski who is wearing the thruster pack navigates Stone and retrieves her. they tethered together back to the Explorer before found out that it is beyond functioning and the rest of the crew are dead. so, they decided to travel approx. 100km to the  International Space Station (ISS) which later found out it is also deployed and only can be use to travel to the nearby China space station but an accident happened and Kowalski lost his grip and left Dr. Stone alone struggling to live.

So, the story going on and on showing how Dr. Stone spacewalks, transmitting from one capsule to another and finally successfully descends down to earth.

Anyhow, the actors are just Clooney and Bullock whilst the other man are just behind the voices. amazing! big film but only 2 actors which finally leaving only Sandra Bullock till the end of it. >.<


Watching the magnificent space in imax 3D was indescribably Terrific! i don't know if theres any 2D show being aired or not but i guess this movie is really made for 3D since 98% of the whole movie is showing the black and silent space + sparkling stars + beautiful earth looking from the space. besides, i was super impress by the cgi+3D effects especially when the pieces of destruction flew towards the big screen. haha it looks dem real as nobody was sitting in front of us and our seat was at the 2nd row from the screen. felt like they were really gonna hit us, awesome!

As mentioned 98% of the total 91 minutes of the film is in the space would probably yawning you. yup, my friend who was paying the total RM52 bills was sleeping soundly in the middle of Dr. Stone's struggling to live! =P it was even boring me a bit but thanks to the mind-blowing acting by the talented Sandra Bullock. she really nailed it as you could blindly believe that she knows all this thingy about being an astronaut plus driving the capsules by just reading the manual book at that emergency condition! haha

OK i am super sleepy now.... ("=.=) overall, i'd claim that i was feeling so dehydrated after done watching. haha..witnessing how Dr. Stone fighting for life non-stop was absolutely motivated but seriously tiring. haha..caution, do not watch it when you are already tired as you will probably ended up like my housemate here. ZZzzzzZzz...haha

Thus, I'd rank GRAVITY 3D as 2.99 out 5. btw, if you are a fan of spaceship, satellite, crazeyy over the NASA and any related to it or maybe dreaming to be an astronaut, this is definitely made for you.

Last word, dear housemate thanks a lot for belanja me yar! Muaahhhh3x !!   :)


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