Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Look and Review

Android 4.3 OS
168g  / 5.7inch display / 1080 x 1920 pxl
3200 mAh battery
13 megapixel camera

Elegant design with leather-like cover at the back
Air Command by the S Pen - check below vid for clear vision

or click HERE

My Verdict
Honestly, i'm not a gadget advanced nor a fan of gadget. it is just the time for me to upgrading my XPERIA X10 which already weaken in battery's power, no network connection at all (just using the prepaid number), no extra apps being downloaded (even whatsapp!!) since the first day i owned it (already 2 years meh~) and not compliant anymore towards my commitment as a serious blogger.

In terms of the apps, undeniably i am super impress by the S Pen or Air Command feature. very very convenient and my fav is you can simply call/msg/whatsapp/even navigate the location of the hand-writing on the memo. Awesome! watch the vid okeyhh. and yup, i am still exploring......tuttt tutt tutt

Flipboard, S note and Scrapbook are another apps that i have never been used before. well, with the additional func of the Air Command, i can simply select pic / articles / vid on the YT by just sketching out circle on it, then ta-da it is automatically captured and can be saved in my own scrapbook. yup, later can view at any free time. oh, loving the flipboard (like a free online mag) to the MAX as there are lot of Arts & Designs plus Photography stuff in it. OMG please know that those thingy are real-pricey being sold outside!

Well, the real reason of i'm buying a new SMARTPHONE is because of the GPS app in it. i'm thinking about instead of buying the Garmin, lets just spending some more and get a new phone with more crazeyy stuff in it. so, thanks a lot cutie WAZE as now i don't have to spend time searching and studying the google maps before going out to meet the client ANYMORE!

Oh oh, another valid reason is because of the INSTAGRAM app which cannot be used on the BB phone. now, i can actively uploading pretty photos with the HQ one by using the 13 MGPXL camera of the phone. Indulgence!

Then, definitely a very light one. as you can see in the photo above, the body is extremely slim. touch screen is the smoothest one, then like the Note 2 window can be multiplied and will continue later as i am still very pleased to explore and learn more and more.

Well, lot of asking what is the MAJOR DIFFER between this Note 3 and Note 2? well, i think i have clarified some of 'em (above essay) and if you are still looking for more, then can go to YT and search for the 'Note 3 vs Note 2' OK? Daaaaa...  ;)


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