Stayed Up All Night At Singapore #1 - Marina Sand Bay and Orchard Road

Honestly, i couldn't remember the date and month already but i do always remember the reason that finally brought me to this country is the 'G Dragon One Of A Kind 2013 World Tour Live in Singapore'. CLICK to view the most amazing concert in HERE. so, based on the event, my travelogue here was happening on the 29th June 2013 and 30th June 2013! a huge delay huh?!

As mentioned, we flew to Singapore purposely for GD oppa who was having his first world tour in which i got FREE passes to enter. haha thanks a lot to my dongsaeng, JoonYoo! so, indirectly me and the backpacker buddy, TiaJamaludin decided to spend our weekend at that Merlion City. 

Caution, NO ROOM was being booked as our mission were enjoying the FREE concert and visiting the city as much as we could without over spending on the limited budget. so, lets go through those 2 days travelling without sleeping and resting until we reached that catastrophic point!  "=.=

Date: 29th September 2013
Time: 8 a.m (KUL - SG )
Location: Changi Airport, Singapore
Energy: 50%

Huh couldn't recall anymore but i guess the flight took approx 45 minutes? somewhere around that lah and we had save quite a number by last minute booking on the Jetstar airlines. plus no luggage checking as we don't need any clothing Duuhh~! and just safely bringing ourselves, some basic stuff and the passport!

The first thing that we did once we arrived was planning the itinerary! haha..yup, everything was at the last minute since yesterday, we've both just finished the jobs, then suddenly woke up early to be at the KLIA by 7am. so, no time to plan but i do have the list of must-visit places in my head plus some S.O.S from JunYoo, the ex-Singaporean haha. Oh, once you bought the MRT tix, later can be re-used for 6 times and even got discount at the 6th purchased! haha..a very convenient one indeed.

Date: 29th June 2013
Time: 10 a.m
Llocation: Marina Sand Bay, Singapore
Energy: 60%

We're totally depending on the MRT routes and the first lucky stop is one of the Singapore's landmark, Marina Sand Bay. i was actually aimed to photographed the famous Merlion statue which happened to be at the opposite of this place (Merlion Park), means need to 'cross' the river! yup, we stopped at the wrong station lorh~ "^^

Anyhow, this is a luxurious shopping mall which featuring only lavish brands. Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Channel and etc etc in which i don't yet afford to buy any of it. so, it was nothing fun for me! but the mall got man-made river at the middle inside of it, a very nice one. besides, it links to the well-known infinity pool of Marina but it is strictly for the hotel residents only. public is only allowed to reach until the lookout point which cost some SIN. budget, so mission failed! 

haha..honestly, our battery level at this moment was already 50% plus we need to properly setting up the timeline of the day as the concert will be held at 8p.m which means need to be at the stadium by 6p.m. so, we don't think we were still interested with that 'singa yang memuntahkan air' anymore. hence, we proceeded to the next attraction.

Date: 29th June 2013
Time: 12 p.m
Location: Orchard Road, Singapore
Energy: 88% (after lunch)

Shopping heaven!! that is what i always heard about this area. it is definitely true! you can get whatever brands in here, from Mark&Spencer, H&M, Marc Jacobs to the Hermes. oh, my mission to visit the Forever 21 was accomplished! it was actually located in the Somerset Mall@Somerset which got a direct MRT station to it but from the Orchard Road, you can just walk and walk because it is actually just beside to each other. please do not ask me the exact direction since we're just strolling down the road until suddenly, we bumped onto it. hahaha

The feel was just like walking at the BB in KL. somehow, the differ is those shops are quite distance with each other but still located along the Orchard Road. Oh, i am so much impress by the beautiful architecturals here and there, love it!

Honestly, it was very hard for me to find any mosque/surau during that 2 days of visiting. bear in mind that the shopping malls are not providing prayer room like here in Malaysia. yup, i've been asking lot of people to eventually found the one and only prayer room within the hustle of Orchard Road, Al-Falah Mosque located at the Bideford Road. hmm..very very inconvenience!  ='(

Date: 29th June 2013
Time: 6 p.m
Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Energy: 150% (fanatic fan is finally alive!)

So, this was the main part of this traveling. undeniably, GD oppa is totally awesome and extremely talented! his 1st solo world tour without the Big Bang members was more than a blast! yup, never regret of flying all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore just to be one of the thousands fans. double thumbs up! for more photos and concert post with the KPOP fanatic feel, kindly visit HERE

Anyhow, it is very easy to reach this place too as we just need to stop at the MRT station named Stadium. so, the concert was ended around 11pm. later me, Tia and the tour guide, JoonYoo headed to China Town to continue playing the tourist game and spending our stayed-up-all-night mission! Yeahhahh!

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i wish a very EIDUL-ADHA MUBARAK to all the 
Muslim all over the world! ^^


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  1. GD Oppa!! Sarangheoo..
    I'm one of GD Fans after watching him on Running Man..
    Thank You Running Man for introduce to me Korean Celebrities..hehehe..

  2. I love orchard road! Tapi selalu window shopping je. heeee~

  3. cantiknya gambar, cantiknya owner blog ni!

    salam perkenalan. hehe

  4. I love your stlye. Digging the shoes =) it's a killer!
    My name is Nadia and im malaysian but currently living in New Zealand.
    If you dont mind i have a blog and really appreciate it if you can drop by and dot down some feedback. If you like it, follow it and i defenitely will follow back. Pinky promise! =)


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