Ellie Saab Collection Fall / Summer 2014 - Paris Fashion Week 2013

Happy Weekend!  :)

Oh, i am just so aroused over this collection and dying to share in here although i am more to streetstyle myself. so, these amazing gems featured at the recent Paris Fashion Week 2013. Ellie Saab again being my highest influential and  inspiration when it comes talking about high-fashion.

The last time, i was drooling over his resort collection. undeniably, his touch is always looking so lavish, very very chic and sophisticated which is not go beyond my interest, a very detailed one (please refer to pic no.5 , 6 and 7!), laces and glam! glam! glam!

Well, these 8 are my utmost fav. do please visit VOGUE for more amazing looks, btw, he is telling that PEPLUM is still IN even on the next year. hehe. yup, everybody still does not tired of seeing it yet!

Photos courtesy of VOGUE


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  1. The Emerald Green Dress Definitely one of my Favorite Piece!! hehee..hope I can fit it T__T


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