D'yana Butik @Wangsa Melawati Grand Opening

No. 16, Lorong Dataran Wangsa, 
Dataran Wangsa Melawati, 
Wangsa Melawati, 
53300 Kuala Lumpur.

Great news to all the hijabies out there especially those in Wangsa Melawati as another outlet of D'yana boutique just launched its opening on previous 29.9.13. i was so glad for being invited to witness the scene and to be part of the day. thanks a lot dear IenaMansor and D'yana crew for the vip invitation!

So, the itinerary was pack with fashion show, hijab tutorial, great lunch and me having fun with all the shoppers! take a sneak peak on the boutique as well as the array of incredible dresses which you'd probably dying to visit and own one.  :)

shoppers going crazeyyy!
fashion show features the D'yana's beautiful collection.
colour block is everywhere. look, their jubah is not an ordinary one.
even hijab tutorial on me?! get this, the D'yana signature scarf.
a man also stunned by its beauty! hehe
tqsm dear IenaMansor and SyafiqahHashim for let me in! ^^

splash of colours!

its time for ka-ching. "^^
Si Iena yg sangat cun! IAllah, gonna see each other more on future yar. :)
now, the models going crazeeeyy!! haha kak Irah pon sama dah! XD
got RM50 vouchers!!!
with the principle and owner. bow!
finally, my door gift and my redemption! ahakks~

Thus, highly recommendate to anyone who's looking for pretty jubah or gorgeous dresses with reasonable prices! personally, i love their jubah collection as they are not conventionally sticking to that boring black plan colour one. they are obviously upgrading the look which are more vibrant, brave and fresh!

Make your visit now or maybe can also check their online updates in here:


Thanks for viewing and reading! ^^


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  1. nice experience you got there! keep it up and i'll continue reading ;)

  2. Beautiful butik dear.. So long time i dont stop on ur blog <3 Still gergeous like usual, i love ur shawl too anw.. Happy monday dear..


  3. alolo comelnya..muka innocent je kena jadi model tutorial tudung...


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