[Whats Up KL?] #NNFoodFest 2013

Meeting the friends hehe Darren , Jeff , JunYoo and Sue !! :)
si Giorgioizas and kak Asyik yg main borogu jerr haha
long time no see ah, with sis ShilaZizi
Gossiping the whole evening with kak LinaZahrah and kak Asyik =.= benci ah, gemok!
Nice meeting you dear Hana ^^
aloohh x cukup korum, si Piqah gebu takde! hahaha 

Event: Nuffnang Food Fest
Date: 5.10.13
Venue: Sunway Lagoon (Blue Atrium)

It was a nothing-to-do evening on the last Saturday, so i headed to the Sunway Pyramid which is just behind my home. lazily drove myself there as my loyal partner, si Piqah was just canceling the date. eh, i'm not blaming you dear as honestly, i should credit you for forcing me to finally joining the event as it was such a great one!  =)

To whom who may not having any idea about this, it is a TW(EAT)ING foodies event organised by the Nuffnang. yup, TWEET to EAT! leave your money and bring your smartphone to get all the foods from the vendors. the participants were quite overwhelming, from Maggi, Nandos, Yakult, Chatime, Royalpost and many many more. love all the macaroons and cakes that were being offered to me because they are undeniably delicious and FREE! haha

Besides the fact that i was having my lunch for free on that day, mingling with the bunch of friends and meeting new people were just so FUN! Fun! FUN! thus, lets pray for this feast to be continue happening on the next year and more more scrumptious foods will be joining the list. Oh sure-lah this event gonna be bigger and wider in the year of 2014. Congratulation Nuffnang! ^^


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  1. eh ada gmbr kite lah..hehe..
    gmbr last tu saja ek letak nk sabotaj akk yg makin tembam ni?..hehehe.

  2. seronok laa dpt makan free... ha ha

  3. Soo Bad, sebab last minute tak dapat pergi!! Arghhhh..padahal dah plan baik-baik dah dengan akak time tu..


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