Stayed Up All Night at Singapore #2 - China Town and Bugis

Date: 30th June 2013
Time: 12 a.m
Location: Chinatown, Singapore
Energy: 60% (after done with the GD concert!)

Continuing the part 1 of my travelogue to Singapore. well, this 2nd part is the most crucial one. rambling upon how we survived the night without sleeping and finally took our flight at 3pm. yup, a photo diary of approx 19 hrs with no pause!

So, as suggested by Mr Tour Guide JoonYoo, we spend the night at Chinatown. very easy to go as you just need to take the MRT to the station named Chinatown and need to walk a bit to reach the Lucky Chinatown Mall which locates the 24hrs McD. yup, having our late dinner there lorh~

Date: 30th June 2013
Time: 4 a.m
Location: Lucky Chinatown Mall, Singapore
Energy: 5%

Then, we booked a room at the K-Box just to kill those extra time! initially we have so much of fun, singing and dancing over all the K-POP songs in the list pick by JoonYoo, the hardcore fan of Korea. haha yup, our mood was still with GD oppa, hangover from the concert. Well, the fun ended around 2 a.m when these two people already fainted and leaving me alone crazeeyly doing my own concert till 4 am!  XD

Actually, Chinatown is well-known with the night market which exact location is at the Pagoda Street. yup, the Lucky Mall / MRT is not far from here, can just walk towards here. unfortunately, we missed the chance to scour through this vibrant market since the operating hour is ended at 11 a.m (Monday to Thursday) and 1 a.m (Saturday and Sunday). huhu fyi this photo was taken at 5 a.m on a chilly morning!

Date: 30th June 2013
Time: 4 a.m
Location: Masjid Jamae (Chulia), Chinatown Singapore
Energy: 0%

After hardly seeking and walking, we finally found the ONE & ONLY mosque in Chinatown area. well, Alhamdulillah~ although it is located at a bustling roadside (sorry, don't know the name of that main road) but just before the corner towards the Pagoda Street. so, i guess you can just search for that Pagoda Street, then continue towards the main road which in front of this mosque, there is a Muslim restaurant a.k.a mamak!

Finally, got the Singapore murtabak which i heard quite a famous one lah. somebody told me that you need to taste this local dish if you happen to visit Singapore. anyhow, i don't find any differ with the murtabak selling down at my office in USJ! haha maybe this one which we got at that 'mamak' in front of that Masjid Jamae is not the original one lorh. hmm..but it was good although after the 2nd mouthful, i was totally fainted and 'died' on the table for 1 hr! 

Date: 30th June 2013
Time: 7 a.m
Location: Bugis, Singapore
Energy: -5%

When the sunlight started seeking through the cloud and the sky looks brighter, we slothfully moved ourselves to the Bugis area. again its easy, just took the MRT to the Bugis station. so, we decided to kill another extra time of waiting all the shops to start operating by leisurely sipping coffee at Starbuck Cafe.

Oh gosh, still remember this very bad moment when i can't barely open my eyes anymore. the battery level was descending down at -5% which after 3-4 sips and photographing above photos, me and JoonYoo FAINTED AGAIN!! haha leaving Tia babysit us whilst enjoying the free wifi with her iphone which helps her to stay sober! haha

tengok tengok hasilnya. muke macam hapehhhh jer~

Date: 30th June 2013
Time: 11 a.m - 1 p.m
Location: Bugis, Singapore
Energy: 20%

After being re-charged with some KiloWatts from that nap and coffee, me and Tia continue strolling around the Bugis area whilst JoonYoo already went back to Malaysia. remember our flight is at 3 p.m which got another 3 hours before the boarding. so, we continue doing some shopping in here.

This area is actually wide. you can find all the shopping malls; Bugis Square, Capita Mall, Bugis Junction or the Market style; Bugis Street. yup, all these shopping spree are located besides each other where you can just walk and walk from one entrance to another.

My verdict of the malls is they are selling normal brands, not as expensive as Orchad Road lah. i was not interested though. then, the Bugis street is not much differ with our Sungai Wang at the BB. the pricing is not cheap indeed, they were all as standard as what you can get here in Malaysia. anyhow, still successfully got a clutch for myself. oh ya, better buy gift/souvenir at this Bugis street instead of other places as it is cheaper in here.

Finally, we headed earlier to the Changi Airport to have some lunch. then, sharp at 3 p.m, we boarded and safely went back home to KUL! oh the battery level was again dropping to some percent and we can only see the bed at that moment. btw, Singapore is great and thanks for reading thugh. :)

continue fainting and dying...

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  1. akak tengok lama2 pun dah rasa mual macam x cukup tido zaman bujang2 dulu...finally you end up safely here....fuh..

  2. HAHHAHAHAHHA akak plak yg mual! hahahahhha tu lah young ppl dont sleep ma....hahaha


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