Cadbury Dairy Milk #PickMyCadbury Media Conference ft celebritiessssss (SizzlingSuzaiXCelebrity)

The representative of that Cadbury Dairy Milk 7 flavours; 
Farid kamil, Diana Danielle, Kuah Jenhan, Joe Flizzow, Gan Mei Yan, Jeff Chin and Carmen Soo.
 the crowd a.k.a the mediassssss.
 the special customized chocolate martini cocktails which is just so delicious!
 the host, Aishah Sinclair
  making an appearance; Gan Mei Yan & Jeff Chin and pretty Carmen Soo
 Joe Flizzow ya'll!
 Kuah Jenhan and Flizzow into the character!
  The real couple, Farid Kamil & Diana Danielle
the real sweet one!! ><
group photo! 
big enough for your sight???!! =P
tooo classic!
she is just really sweet, love you Diana! :)
ohh goshhh, finally photo with the hero filem malaysia wohhh!! ("^^)
haha..i'm enjoying the free foods, that top on the left is DAMN GOOD!!!
chocolate are everywhere!!
finally, the 7 flavours for me to bring back and judge! :D

Basically, Cadbury Malaysia (@CadburyMY / FB ) just launched a running contest of these 7 flavours; Chocolate, Black Forest, Cashew Nut, Fruit and nut, Roast almond, Mixed nuts and Hazelnut which represented by 9 local celebrities. we got

Farid Kamil & Diana Danielle - Fruit & Nut
Kuah Jenhan - Cashew Nut
Joe Flizzow - Roast Almond
Gan Mei Yan & Jeff Chin - Mixed Nuts
Carmen Soo - Hazelnut
Fazura - Chocolate
Soo Winci - Black Forest

kindly check the FB page to vote for your favourite NOW!!! (alert: few hours to the end!)

Anyhow, this event was just awesome. meeting too many famous celebrities and too many media to spread my influence as the not-famous-at-all Malaysian blogger.

Thus, thanks a lot for this invitation though!! i was so glad to be part of the crew to cover the event and mingling with all these people. hope to get involve more and more on the future. :D

Final word, i'm not a fan of chocolate. ADIOS! haha


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  1. This is so awesomeeee!!!! Wish I could join something like this. But I'm at a far far away land~

  2. Comel je diana ngan farid kamil.. Huhuhu... Nak coklate sket! Hehehe :D

  3. semua gambar2 diatas menimbulkan kejelousan..he3..semua gmbr cantik2 kottttt...:)

  4. gambar akak dgn Farid Kamil tu style!! hehehee... Sempoi giler Farid Kamil and diana.

  5. thanks u girls for the supports n LOVES...saaaaayaaaang korg!! ^^

  6. cantiknya your pics~~
    by the way, merajuk sebab tak kasik I cekelat~~


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