CADBURY DairyMilk GIVEAWAY by WhatSoSizzleBoutSizzlingSuzai? (1st ever!)

* Congratulation Anis Athia for winning the chocsss and thanks all whom joining this cheesy thingy!!! "^^ *

BIG smile on my face, Salam and Hello peeps! :D

Oh, finally i'm having a giveaway for you, my loves!!! *tariknafaspanjangpanjanglega* well, actually i was not confident about organizing this kinda thing as i was wondering on who gonna be arouse over it? Daaa..although i always dying to give away something in appreciating those who follow this blog or even visiting and keep on reading my rambling. *bow*

Some of you especially who's been following my insta might already knew that i have been invited to a Cadbury Dairy Milk media conference on just last week. yup, sure will post about it soon as the photos are still messy plus huhu i still got lot of other pending stories need to be settle beforehand! "=.=

Thus, to win yourself NOT 1 bar, NOT 2 bars, NOT 3 bars ah well, you can keep on counting the digit because i'm giving away those chocs above!

As i just got toooo many to handle, those Cadbury Dairy Milk barssssss will be given to the LUCKIEST chocolate addicted! hehe of course need to do something in return. no worry, i swear i make it simple!  :)

STEP to win the Cadbury Dairy Milk barssssss

#1 : LIKE the What So Sizzle Bout SizzlingSuzai? FB page (compulsory!)

click pic to directly link! or here

#2 : FOLLOW the SizzlingSuzai@instagram (option)

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#3 : FOLLOW the SizzlingSuzai@twitter (option)

click pic to directly link! or here

#4 :  Continue this phrase "Imma HOT CHOCOLATE because ........" Errr

REMARKS: please fill that blank as creative as you could at this FB LINK yar. yup, commenting below this post is much appreciated but with the link of the FB comment. sorry for this hassle as i just want it to be more separated via the power of the FB! lalalalallala

SUMMARY: Just CLICK HERE , LIKE the page and 
LEAVE your comment. :)    

GOT it??? thanks for supporting this 'poyo' stuff in advance! ("^^) high credit to Cadbury Malaysia and please further your visit to their official page and FB page for their on-going #PICKMYCADBURY campaign! later will share more details yarr....


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  1. x cukup tu...kalau dapat kat akak 2 saat je abis dikerjakan budak 2 ekor tu...anyway, like no problem..nak jawab slogan tu yang bencinta tau...uhuk

  2. alooohh kak join lah sng je tekan je COMMENT kat keratan FB tuhh..har pastu jwb je lah akk rasa akk HOT kenapa??? HAHAHHAHAHA MAI LAH MAI LAH joinnnn cian ank2 hensem akk nk choc free! hahaha XD

  3. Heeeeeee Chocolate!!!!!! Nak! Nak! Nak! Excited.. Lepas kelas nanti nak masuklah.. haha

  4. hajar-->sgt sgt dialukan...simple je komen je kat ctu eh..hheehe tq!!

  5. mira-->yeahhhhh mari mari mari memeriahkan majlis yg xsberapa ni! "^^

  6. best of luck semua...
    sy xde official personal page.. huhu

  7. zul no need lorh as long as LIKE the FB page n comment jerr ;) join lah ok

  8. Already join this simple and sweet giveaway ! Hihihi


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