Look #105 - Rare

Brands Outlet scarf / Mango cardigan / Topshop cropped tee / Unbranded maxi skirt / 
Aldo clog / Eiffel necklace from Guangzhou / Bag from Bandung

Me featuring skirts? it is definitely rare right? but yup, sometimes i love being feminine and moderate like this. well, admittedly it was not really hard to extrude my feminine side through the clothing but i guess, i was just too lazy to do so. besides the fact that i might trying to deny the fact that girls are always pretty in a dress, what a mess?!

Again, unexpected combo. that unbranded buttoned skirt that i got from a bazaar with a cheap price paired with that Aldo clog. honestly, when i purchased the clog during the YES 2012, i was like don't really have the idea on how to wear it. yup, i just grabbed and paid as the discounted price was only RM 108! so, being paired with that maxi skirt turns out looking incredibly great and stylish.

Thant brand new scarf got at Brands outlet with only RM 19.90. the prints and the colours are very quirky and fun. i love how the orange colour between the lines makes it super awesome when combining with my one and only, orange backpack.  :)

Then, first time makes an appearance is that Eiffel tower necklace which every girl dying to have one. again rare as i'm not an accessories wearer. i love being 'naked' except the statement ring on the finger. don't really know the reason but thanks to my instinct that finally forcing me to wear this necklace as it is successfully gave a big impact to the whole look.

We're actually coming from a fashion event and suddenly stumbled upon this coffee & arts festival which was awesome. check the event post here; Coffee & Arts Fringe Asia Festival 2013. so, thanks dearest Piqa for everything and insyAllah we gonna meet again and again sooner or later. amin.. thanks for reading!  ;)

photographed by SyafiqahHashim and edited by SizzlingSuzai.


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  1. suka sangat tudung tu..tapi x pandai nak style..

  2. u look pretty in this look... :)

    macam mane nak pkai tudung style gitu...

  3. thanks guys...huhu simple je lar actually inspired by Shea Rosul jugerr..tol ke nk sy tutor kn haisyhhh malu ah! >"< ok t one fine day iAllah tqsm! ;)


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