Look #106 - Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

unbranded scarf from Guanzhou / Forever 21 sweater / pants given by mom 
Vincci wedges & sunnies / unbranded bag from HongKong

Analyzing your comfort zone and moving out from there is incredibly an awesome step but undeniably not an easy one! before talking about others, let me list out some of mine which is successfully being detected.

In terms of the fashion scene, i am considering myself as simple, effortlessly cool yet stylish in its own way. admittedly, i am super simple and cannot being classified as a fashion-forward at all. always opting for a natural and earthy shade without any crazy-frenzy prints clashing with each other and only wearing when the season already gone (the crucial reason is because new arrival is always damn pricey~) haha

So, above is the colour blocking style in which i don't really feel confident to pull it. i guess, the reason that it is exposing yet very attracting are distracting my interest. anyhow, when i wore this look, i found that it was not really uncomfortable as i expected it to be. like OK lah~ so, peeps move out from your comfort zone!!

Well, i am very flexible indeed. my comfort zone is actually happening, loud, fun, crowd, colours, arts and etc etc. clearly explaining that i hate silent mode, library, protocol, very strict rules, hatred and can include all the negative elements to it. thus, i am not sure about should i take a step out from my comfort zone?? HAHAHA..lets say what is in your mind and share with me what is your 'comfort zone' ??

Thanks for reading and c ya at the Nuffnang Foodfest in another 2hrs.  :)

Photographed by NoorAzuwanna & Edited by SizzlingSuzai.


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  1. serious suka akak pakai macam ni..simple tapi lawa!! hehee

  2. Beautiful as always dear, from i found ur lookbook. I love ur style <3



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