Look #74 - Dinner Date with Mr. Who?

By Wednesday, January 02, 2013 ,

sweatshirt from F21 / Maxi Dress from vintagebiribiri
mustache necklace & ring from Jakarta / flat from The Summit 

Oh, surely you're being stunned by the mind-blowing location in the photo. it was my second time dining in there which was at the fabulous Subak restaurant, Bukit Lanjan. yup, another food review is coming on your way but please be patient as i need to touch-up the photos beforehand since i just can't get rid of my photo editing habit.

Rambling on the ladylike look above, admittedly all the items are repeated except the admirable mustache necklace & ring. sorry, no zoom-in photo of the set as i'm not having any professional or atleast an amateur photographer by my side. all the shots seriously have been undergo editing process. fuhh~

The only different thing about the whole look is i've never combined the sweatshirt and the dress together. it creates a new whole look. Anyhow, the feeling of wearing maxi skirt is always gorgeous, very feminine, requiring courteous attitude and feel very pretty. =)

Till then, TQ and i just wanted to say that i miss my Mr.who? so much.


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  1. tgok tempat cam kat istana bambu je..huhu...

  2. cantiknya...jeles okeh...lama dah x ngedate ber2 je tau..

  3. sue-->istana bambu tu ape?? restaurant ke??hehe cam best je katne tuh?

  4. kak ogosh-->harr temp ni sesuweii sgt tok anniversary akk..g la ber2 je eh :) ank2 bior nenek dorg jage..hhehehe

  5. oitttt cun meletopsss aih hang XD
    mana mr who nya babe?
    ngeeee XD


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