A Night with My BoyFriend

By Tuesday, October 02, 2012 ,

chronologically, we've known each other since 1995 and being separated after we're both complete the primary school since i've moved to Kajang. i don't really know how to describe our friendship that has bonded long time ago but we do still keep our great memories safely in mind. ;)

i still remember the funniest scene when we used to play the "Role&Action" game. haha..the thing is you have to act based on the drama given and in the end, the best actor will be chosen and WIN A PRIZE. a REAL prize was prepared by each of us beforehand. haha..look how serious the game played by a 9 years old groupie! hahaha

thus, this meeting was like a reunion after the 12 years separation. haha..nothing much different, he is still the Zuel Zuhairi that i used to know despite the fact that we're both already matured and OLD! haha..anyhow to Encik Zuel, i was so glad meeting you again and yup, lets arrange another date soon yarr..Oh, insyallah friend is forever! ;)

Ohhhhh God!! someone had already misunderstanding the tittle, HE IS NOT MY BF@LOVER! hahahha..he is my BF a.k.a a friend who is a boy! hahahhaa...dearest please know that, i'm still single, available and ready to mingle! ;D


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  1. sweet2nyA,,,

    i tak thu how nk trima the feeling come with our frend knak2,, still think we are good frend

    otak tak boleh menerima wlpon ada yg mahu i terima dia... hehe

    good luck both of u.. ;D

  2. kalau single..ape salahnyer...same cantik dan padan..sangat sweet..:)

  3. zulaiha-->haiyooo dear he is not my lover lah..hahhaha we r still friend nothing to do w that lovey dovey thing.hahaha..i pon xble klu dr kwn nk tuka lover adoi! ;D

  4. kak aty-->hahahhaha..xbole la kak sy knl dr kecik kot.haisyhhh xd feelin lansung! haha =D

  5. pergh!!entry nk scandalous eh? hahahahaa

  6. kalau ada jodoh apa salahnya kan? hehehehhehe


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