The Sun Goes Down, The Stars Come Out

By Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh..i always adore the magnificent look of the sky especially when the night curtain started to fall down. the combination of the hues are real-fascinating (fyi:those photos were undergo minor editing).

personally, i feel that it will look more admirable at an empty road in a town. i love when the colors became gradient at the end-point of the road plus how the light peeking out in between of the skyscrapers. it is something that you couldn't describe in a words. Thank God, Allah is The Greatest!

Happy fasting peeps. Alhamdulillah, it was already the 5th of Ramadhan today..  :)


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  1. Wah...sumpah cantik...gambar amek sendiri ni kan? best best best hehehehehe!

  2. tq dear..hehe mesti mnyampah im using my 'naive' sony x10 with 8mpxl cma :D

  3. Nice colors !!



  4. amaizingly delicious food! ah thank God I saw this post after iftar otherwise I think I wouldn't manage!

  5. tq girls....and ming ming haha yup glad u came in here after the iftar or otherwise i think u might salivate over d images..haha =D happy fasting dearest ^^


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