Look #55 - Blocking on the Beach

So, here is my first vacation look. haha..i took almost one month to lastly start posting on my recent vacation at the Pangkor Island (yup, again!). anyhow, the next two post will be also exhibiting the outfit, thus please be patience for the 'photo diary' entry. haha..i don't know when i'm gonna complete this vacay story as i've already need to delay my great Saturday on yesterday! ><

Now, talking about the look here. admittedly, this is my first time doing colour blocking in the 'public'! haha..yup, i'm no fashionista as i'm not brave enough to showcase the trendiest style in which i always ended up thinking of the mood, the suitability and the 'what-people-will-think-when-they-look-at-me' thought. uhukss..that is a bad behaviour!

Anyhow, i need to remind you that YOU WILL SEE THAT WHITE BREEZY BLOUSE for three times on this three vacation look. haha..can i just name the three entries as "How To Wear That Breezy Blouse" .hehe..so, please don't get bored of it since we all know that we need to keep the belongings as little as we can when it comes to a travelling packing!

Then, thanks a lot for viewing, reading and commenting. c ya! =)


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  1. wah...g pantai punglam jugak..mmg kelas kan...kalu akak mau pakai jeans ngan t-shirt je kot..cantik shirt tu...

  2. kak ogosh..haha xde slalu der ni sbb nk photoshoot tepi pantai je..haha ble lg kn nk over..haha

  3. skirt itu lawa...kamu is gojes..hehe

  4. hahaha...tq yana..fyi skirt bli kat SG WANG je..rm30 hengget je! ^^


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