Look #57 - Turn On Your Vacation Mode!

straw hat bought RM5 at the souvenir shop, unbranded red gradient pashmina, white blouse stole from my mom's old wardrobe, maxi dress from vintagebiribiri online shop

aviator and watch from Vincci, bangles from F21 mix with random buy, ring from Diva 

Salam Jumuah...

ok, let me continue my vacation look with this third outfit. the main idea was easy, breezy and beachy! haha..although you can't smell any salty air in that photo but i still hope that the straw hat and the resort behind me is helping to execute the beachy@vacation feeling. hehe..

yup, that maxi dress is a brand new item. it was bought from VintageBiriBiri Online shop at the recent Market@Jaya One with only RM40! the straight-cut and the material are super comfy and it's up to my liking. thus, you can expect me wearing it on every Saturday for a breezy day!

then, lets ramble a bit about the accessories. i rarely wear loads of bangles on my hand since i always ended up feeling like a walking-Christmas tree. huhu..but still i always excite over it especially the one that hang in the Diva and F21 store. they are real devilicious for my sight! so, as Yuna Zarai claimed that she always skimp on the accessories, i should also claim that so do i!

thus, today is Friday, let me wish you a happy weekend dearest. insyallah, my weekend would be spending the a.m time at the office and meeting my beloved babe, Cik Yana after the office hour. hehe..personally, i always feel that Saturday would be wasteful if you're just sitting at home and doing nothing. hahaha..this is the evil side of me! (~.^)

ohhhh by the way, i don't win the passes to the 2012 MTV World Stage which my cousin had 4 of it for FREE! huh..this is soooooooooooooooooo stressing!! =;(

till then dearest..


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  1. amboi...mentang2 dah bekerjaya....seronok berjimba heheheh....untunglah...tak sabar nak kejra gak hehehhe

  2. woww,,, aksesori...

    hye my friend make her own business, she got a pelik sense of fashion, so maybe u will be interested with her thing...


  3. azham cayang-->hahhaha xd r berjimba mane hehehhehe tp agak berpoya juge la..marilah meet-up klu u da kje nnt ble kt sama2 berjimab! hahahha

  4. zulaiha cayang juge-->hahhahaha...i rarely sgt la wearing accessories ni..seriously slalu ring je y wajib djari! tq 4 sharing will c it soon =)

  5. Cute photos!
    I'm loving your outfit - especially the watch :)

  6. Love the photos!
    And Wow that is a big house.

    followed your blog, follow back mine? :D


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