Greeting Leya Hotfm at Janji Ditepati

ok, please ignore the cheesy look of mine. huahua..another one thing, i knew that i'm looking 'bigger' than Kak Leya who is a mom of her twins! oh, darn i'm working on it although its not extreme but i just can pray that its working. anyway, Kak Leya is so friendly when i don't even need to ask her a favor to capture this photo. she was willingly came in front and hug me for a snap. therefore, i LOVE Kak Leya Hotfm sooo much! =)

so, that was the look of the event called as Janji Ditepati. it was recently being held and launched by our Prime Minister at the Teras Jernang, Bandar Baru Bangi. it looks almost like the well-known 'Jom Heboh' carnival but unfortunately, i don't enjoy the day as it was super bright and HOT! =(

nevertheless, nothing was fun besides spending the time with our mom who was the person behind this visit. plus, the meeting with the lovely Kak Leya and some other local celebrities. hehe..will reveal on the next post as i got the best shot of them. then, this post is being continue on the next entry. Daaa..

"Hidup 1-Malaysia"


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  1. sib baik x i expected..mmg panas..

  2. HUHU mmg pon kak PANAS TERIK NK MATI..huahua pegi pon sbab mak beriye plak nk g..huh!

  3. WOw, is that your mom? She's very bergaya hehehe.......

    Leya....dulu penah mesej Leya kat MySpace masa Form 5 haha...bila igt balik..argh malunya!

  4. ingat kan frindly diorang ni..huhu
    rupanya tak


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