[REVIEW] Abraham Lincoln "Vampire Hunter"

yes, i was so excited to watch this flmi from the moment i saw its tabloid on the roadside of KL. assuredly, the reason is the word VAMPIRE there! haha..yup, imma vampire freak! haha..no matter what it takes, the vamp creature itself, the wolves or shifter or any related characters to it and even the hunter. haha..i'd dying to fan it! =D

OK, a little bit synopsis before i proceed to my anticipation verdict. Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) started to hunt because of his revenge towards that evil creature as his mother was killed by them. one night, he discovered the mom's killer, Barts was actually a vampire. then, came Henry Sturgess (Dominic Cooper) who is actually a vampire too was offering to teach him on how to kill a vampire. fyi, only the living can kill the dead because Henry was accidentally being turns into vampire when he was attacked and bitten by Adam (Rufus Sewell), the descent vampire. so, for quite sometime, Abraham became a full-time vampire hunter at night and a full-time normal people on a day. so, he was coorporating with Henry since both of them are in mission to kill Adam.
the climax is when as a president, he is actively fighting over the abolishing of the slavery in which Henry warns him that he was actually interfering the vampire from being under control. those slaves are used as their food. so, if the slave track being distracted, they will retaliate.

he was never listen to Henry..haha as he shouldn't, for sho! so, constant war exploded between his country and New Orleans, the original vampire, Adam's homeland. the war had killed too many his people and may lead America to death as secretly vampires had deployed the front lines! until he knew that evil method, he came out with the idea of using silver 'bullet'. then, while in the mission of transporting those silver weapons to the army camp, they trapped Adam and his vampires and successfully killed them.

thus, the happy ending is he lives happily ever after with his wife, Mary without thinking of turning into a vampire. haha..because Henry was offering the idea of him become a vampire too, so they can forever be a hunter partner. haha..i guess Henry was actually too bored for being alone..hehe dear Henry, i'm willing to let you bite me and forever be your lover! hahahaha..  =D


now, as in my expectation, the action was great. i love all the fighting scenes between Abraham and the vampires although he was just using an axe! haha..quite funny lor, why don't he just stab the stake on their chest instead of struggling with that axe?! haha..besides, he is a pure human but he got a superb speed like the vamps?! LOL so, this is happening when you've watched too many vampire's thingy!

furthermore, i am also loving the scary look of those vamps especially when they start to reveal themselves. the editing is fascinating and Oh, the surprised scenes is shocking enough for you to scream out your throat and will successfully preventing you from feeling sleepy or bored!

hahahha...the other crucial view here is Henry Sturgess a.k.a DOMINIC COOPER is total HOT! i'm not really sure if the reason was because he is acting as a vampire in here or i've already attracted to him since i watched him in The Duchess! hmmm...got a new crush in the infinite list..haha

thus, this movie is definitely a MUST WATCH one. you will never feel like you've spending RM14.00 for nothing since you will be satisfied by the end of the movie. hmm..i rank this film as 4.99 out of 5.00 for a vampire freak and 4.00 for the non-lover of 'fantasy horror' type of film.

then, i'd like to announce that i'm dying to read the Seth Grahame Smith's novel which this film had been adapted from and lastly, i think I'M IN LOVE WITH DOMINIC COOPER! ("^.^)

heehehehehe...thanks for reading yo! =)


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  1. hehe......best eyh?

    nanti nak suruh member download hehehehehehehehe

  2. mmg best cite ni....sakit2 tengkuk tgk....haha

  3. huh...nose bleeding =.,=


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