ALONE by Sistar

its been a while i didn't update about my new addiction of the K-POP world. so, this is one of the latest tune that successfully captured my heart and soul after the second times i heard it. hehe..yup, the first time was failed as i don't really get the melody since the dance routine is extremely HOT and SEXY, hello we're talking about SISTAR here~!

haha..just watch this official MV and surely, you will be amazed by the sexiness of the legs. ("~.^)

seriously HOT & spicy huh?! haha..what i really like about this group is they were not just showcasing their voluptuous curve in every moves and songs but they are actually one of the female k-pop idol who got the voices. huge credit should be given to the husky voice of Hyorin. love it soooo much! =)

till then peeps. i'm so as i got lot of other jobs to be completed instead of updating in here plus my mood is seriously disaster right now. dearest, imma heartbroken...Waaarghhhhhhhhh!!!  ='(


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  1. woahhh, so sexy. can't take my eyes off those legs. hahahaha


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