Look #56 - My Resort Look!

Resort or cruise wear is a specialized style that was originally invented by the high-street fashion such as Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors and so on and  so forth. yup, there are a lot more luxurious branding joining to compete for this collection. easy-peasy, the reason should be because only those buyers/shoplifters who are afford buying those brands will also have no problem to pay for the cruise!

however, let me share with you my own interpretation of the resort look which was not featuring any expensive pieces~ the swimming suit was worn as inner and pant. while, the breezy and breathable white blouse have been worn as an outerwear. its very comfortable where it didn't added any heat towards the wearer, its just so clean, lightweight and stylish. hehe..it was actually being worn so many time plus it was stole from my mom's old wardrobe! ("^__^)

anyhow, the best way to get a fashionable resort/beach look is you just need a large hat and a sunnies as an option! plus make sure the clothing material is light, simple and yup, breathable. as for me, i'm desperately need that blouse to cover the swimming suit worn inside but in the same time, it is actually adding on some extra point to my look here.

haha..now, this is my real beachy look. well, the location was at the Pangkor Island, Perak and if you are planning to visit there, please go in between the month of Feb until May as that is the best season where the sea is safe! haha..when the sea is safe, you can go for snorkeling instead of just striking poses on the big stone~! haha

till then peeps, HAPPY WEEKEND and do please stay patience for my 3rd vacation look yarr. hehe..thanks for viewing, reading and commenting. =)

** photo are credited to my instant-photographer, lovely mom! **


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  1. Suzai nampak sangat kaya, bergaya, mewah dan segala-galanya hehehe....sumpah nampak mewah hehehe

  2. hahhahahhaha...harr gilerr i kaya kn..haha tu r location ni mmg awesome! XD haha tq azham!


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