[Review] The Amazing Spider-Man

By Thursday, July 19, 2012

ok, i know this is quite late. so, lets straightly cut this review to my verdict since i know that everybody has already familiar with the synopsis of this movie. well, to be frank i'm not really a fan but as my sister insist me to join the midnight movie outing, i just didn't have a choice! hehe

thus, i don't have any comment regarding to the action and special effects as obviously it was awesome, amazing and fantastic! haha..everything is quick and fast, you just need to stick the eyes on the screen. then, the plot is simple in which Peter Parker started the story from the beginning on how he turns out to be a spidey, a very cute spidey! hehe

the only gist that i wanna mention in here is the duration of the film is quite long lor~ imagine, our tix was point out to be at 11.10p.m and we're finally walked out of the cinema hall at 1.40a.m! was more than 2 hrs!! 

now, there are two impacts, the good and the bad. the good one is our RM14.00 tix is sangat berbaloi-baloi lah kan..hehe and the bad is when we're watching a movie and we're keep checking on the watch, is it a good sign??! hehe..this is truly coming from a not-a-fan-of-spiderman moviegoer.

however, i don't say that THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is a bad film. it was awesome and yup, amazing as the name but somehow, i should credit the cutie-hottie, ANDREW GARFIELD for being sooooooooooooooooooooooooo DAMN CUTE and dorky in this movie. he played the character very well and yup, i love the romance feeling between him and Emma Stone. a very nice chemistry indeed!

huhhhuhuh...Mr. Garfield, can you be mine??! he is super duper cute. *faint* haha..for the ranking, i cannot really tell you guys as again, i'm not the fan but seriously, it is a GREAT movie. so, 3.8 out of 5.0. thus, all images here are credited to :)


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  1. awhh you should watch the dark knight rises. waaaaaaaaaaay better than any other movie on cinema within this year. gahhh

  2. serius???! xtau nape i x interested lansung although ade ann-hathway y sy suke kan..coz i think its trailer looks boring tq dear for sharing ur thoughts..hehe will try to c it dear..hehe

  3. boring? nooooo that movie will change your life! haha. spiderman 3 i think lg tak mnarik (haha) sbb dia cerita balik kan the whole spiderman story, how he became spiderman, bla3. dark knight is something else. hehe. ni bkn pasal actors yg berlakon dlm movie tu actually, ni pasal plot cerita tu. gahh i dont know what to say anymore you have to watch ittttt

  4. Semalam I tgk The Dark Knight Rises, best la! Movie tu pun lama, rasa puas gak la...suka sgt lakonan Anne Hathaway sbg Catwoman dlm cerita tu heheheheh

    *Spiderman tak tgk lagi heheh

  5. I heard that Spiderman is really good! But never had the time to watch it! Thank you for the review.

  6. nurul-->hahahhha..tol2 tu y agak bosan kot spiderman ni die mcm start blk..btw im not a fan though!huhu seriously,u makes me feel so regret for not watching 'the dark knight rises' tuh..hhuhu cam da terlambat je skg..haha tunggu donlod je r camni! X) tq dear!

  7. azham--> u r d 2nd one who promoted the movie..haiyoo pegi x ajak i.xmo kawan! XP

  8. rosalinda-->no prob dear! sharing is caring... :)


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