Photo Diary #5 - i LOVE My Darling Girlfriends!

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well, this short and shhwweeeet moment with my dearly GF was actually happened on the last-last-last-last weekend. haha..yup, it was almost month ago to be exact. know my bad habit which is i cannot stand from editing those photos. so, it will not boring you! thus, thats the reason of every update in here will take a long period of time. mian hae..  :)

personally, spending quality times with my girlfriends is definitely the best moment in my life. no, we don't need any special activity, we just need the time and energy. haha..ok to be real, the money as well because all we did were updating the latest news of everybody, eating like there is no tomorrow, gossiping over the current K_POP issues and TAKING PHOTOS as much as we could! haha..seriously, it was damn fun!

the reason why this meeting was the most memorable one is because we haven't seeing each other like more than 5 months. haha..yup, not a year yet but still this gathering was the first after the graduation on the last March. so, everybody was like missing each other plus our next trip to the USS desperately need to be re-planning lor. hehe..

anyhow, i value my friendship so much because they are the people who stand by me no matter i'm in the good condition or the bad one. they are also the reason why i always ended up forgetting my own problems and live this life happily and beautifully. haha..thank you babes, you girls are one of the best 'thing' happened in my life! huhu...sile terharu yerrr..  ;'(

lastly, to my beloved babes, Cik Piqah, Wanie-chan, Cik Parhin Matori and Kak Ekin Bucuk..saya sayang kamoo semua!! and..

InsyAllah, Ukhuwah Fillah Abadan Abada..amin..


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  1. Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan yeah Suzai and her girl friends hehehe!

  2. hahaha..slmat berpuasa utk azham juge...(mrk berkata serentak!) XD

  3. Pipi gebu I di situ ehhh hahaha.. SAIA SAYANG AWA JUGAK 😜


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