[Photo Diary] MTV World Stage 2012!

with my cousin who gave me the free pass..hehe tq Along! ^^
weird?!! haha with the boys..syafie and syafiq?! ><

its a beach anyway.... >"<
the international stage look-a-like!
the best shot i got for KARA! :(
its Nicole and Hara! lol from the screen...
the Goddess, Gyuri and Hara. omg, they were too far from my point.. :(
our proud solo acted by Mizz Nina..she is super good!
its Jay Park again! ^"^
a very handsome hottie! hehe..i was very excited when he sang my fav "Know Your Name"
with the very friendly, Teoh. nice meeting you dear :)
these guys are soooo damn fun, cool and funny! haha :D
the dramatic ending!
tired, thirsty and hungry..haha

we are the MTV crew!! haha..our colour was accidentally the same..haha :D

ohh..you should know that i love this pic so much! ("^.^)

Event : MTV World Stage 2012 
Featuring : Justin Bieber, Kara, Jay Park & Mizz Nina!
Date : 14th July 2012
Venue: Sunway Surf Beach, Kuala Lumpur. 

yup, i was there at the recent MTV World Stage 2012! This was obviously my last Saturday when it was being held at the Sunway Surf Beach, Kuala Lumpur. A HUGE HUG and KISS to my cousin who won 4 passes from the X-pax and inviting me on the very last minute! 

haha..seriously, the concert started at 6.15p.m and he called me to join him and the friends at 4.30p.m. i was like jumping all around and forcing my sister to fetch me to the 'beach' in the traffic traffic jam of KL! huhu..tq Along, although sadly WE WERE NOT SEEING ANY BIEBER there because we were too late. when we reached the stage, Justin Bieber was already finished performing and walked off the stage. shooot!

i admit i'm not really a fan but hey, its still Justin Bieber who is soooooo damn adorable and hot! huhu..but thanked God as we still had KARA (a K-POP female idol group) in the list. me and my cousin were extremely excited over the girls when they came out and started the performance with 'Jumping'. then, being followed with their next 5 hit songs including 'Lupin', 'Mister' and 'Honey'. hehe..KARA saranghaeyo! :)

besides the anticipating of enjoying the performances, i was very glad to meet loads of happening people. they were zany enough and very friendly, it was very nice meeting you guys! ^^ then, spending the night with the boys was a happy moment as well. in fact, we were unintentionally wearing the same exact COLOUR CODE of the day. haha..it was very funny! thus, hope to c ya guys again... =D


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  1. Wah, pegi tak ajak! Malas kawan!

    *ayat LAZIM SUZAI hahaha kena balik!!! hahahahahaha

  2. what exited! seronok u dapat pergi..

  3. Azham tipu! my ayat lazim bkn malas kawan r tatapi adlh XMO KAWAN!!! haha

  4. syafiqah->hehe aah sgt seronok..thanks to my cousin la otherwise i could just sit at home on saturday night boringly hehe ><


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