Coupling in my perception.

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isn't the photo is just soooooo adorable?! yup, one of the reason is they are obviously a cute child and the other reason is the Islamic atmosphere that is successfully being executed by both of the child and the mosque behind them. what i wanna say is whenever there is an Islamic factor, insyAllah everything is looking beautiful and peaceful! :) was not actually what i intended to write beforehand. haha..i just being distracted by the lovely photo there when i'm googling the appropriate image for this entry. but still the discussion here has to do with the coupling of a boy and a girl. hmm..let me share it in here.

Alhamdulillah, i feel soooo relief soon after i gave some 'words' to a friend after keeping it for quite a long time. the feeling can't be describe in which i feel like i've done my best as a Muslim towards another Muslim. you know sometimes you just don't find the right time and place plus you always ended up having this thought, "huh, i'm NO PERFECT EITHER!".

anyhow, it was done, Alhamdulillah. nowlets talk about the coupling issue. admittedly, i've never 'experienced' it in another word some people might say, tak laku lah tuh....hahaha whatever! but honestly, i'm scared of it and i'm very thankful to Allah for choosing me because i know i can't handle it well. yup, i'm too 'fragile' for it. know what i meant right?! its all about the evil soul of nafs..  (">.<)

thus, i'm holding to this if i can't manage it well, so don't bother about it. avoid it and just pray for the right man who can lead me towards the jannah and the right time to come. insyAllah..  :)

OK, i don't have a word to describe the sweetness of the photo. hmmm..just can pray for my moment to come beautifully like this..amin., this is the real me. Arrghhhhh....hensem saaaangaaat lah laki si Irma ni. adoiii, sile tampar saya seket yang tengok laki org xberkelip kelip. ya Allah...melting nyerrrrr!!!! haha

i shared this not because i'm perfect but because people always said that hey, sharing is caring lor. Wallahualam.. :)


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