Give Water Project by BROS

'Give Water Project by BROS' Gives Joy to Thirsty Communities

'Give Water Project by BROS' is a collaboration with World Vision Malaysia and aims to raise RM100,000 to fund World Vision Malaysia?s water projects in Laos and Cambodia. A special limited edition water bottle series was produced for this project, each bottle carries words of wisdom from five celebrities

In an effort to build a future for thirsty communities, BROS and World Vision Malaysia are collaborating on the 'Give Water Project by BROS' with a special limited edition water bottle series to raise RM100,000 for World Vision Malaysia?s water projects in Laos and Cambodia.

Products are available online here

To top it off, five local and international celebrities who are also World Vision Malaysia's ambassadors have also joined hands in supporting the ?Give Water Project By BROS? by embedding personal and inspiring quotes to these specially designed bottles. The celebrities and their inspiring quotes:

1. Aniu - Singer/Director/Actor: "Spread a little love and happiness. It makes the world go round"
2. Nicholas Teo - Singer/Actor: "Everyone has the right to dream and the courage to hope under the same sky"
3. Owen Yap - TV Personality: "For every will there is a way. It may be a long way but hope will keep you company"
4. Lee Sinje - Artist: "Live in the moment"
5. Francissca Peter - World Vision Malaysia Ambassador/Singer/Songwriter: "The glass should never be full 'cos there would be no room to make things better. It?s good to top it up a little everyday; fulfill your dreams and be a source of hope for others"


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