What's Inside My Bag?

Vincci Sunglass cover / Business card holder from Guangzhou - RM5 / Car Key / Germany jersey keychain originally from German given by my crush hehe / Sony Ericsson phone cover / Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 / Blackberry Curve / Celcom Broadband / Pen / Eyeglass / Vincci Sunnies / Makeup kit / Nano White Cleanser & CC Cream / Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost & Base Double Fonction / Elianto kabuki brush / Forever 21 Love & Beauty Lip Gloss /
Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water / Phone Charger / Purse from Bandung 


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  1. Wow, that's a lot inside!
    Yeay Blackberry team! ;)

  2. hahahaha actually the other rubbish was not include in this photo lor hahha mmg pompuan ni byk na brgnyer..yup hey BBM puhhlezz haha


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