Hunt For MTV World Stage Insider

hey, MTV WORLD STAGE is back!!! and they are hunting for the insider which i'm dying to be part of it and i'm 200% sure that I AM THE ONE THAT YOU GUYS ARE LOOKING FOR!! so, why they should pick me? hahaha..the reasons are endless but here are some:

#1 well, i don't have problem to speak in our 2nd language though.... ;P check the VID as the prove!! haha...please know that i always badly wanting to be a VJ for the MTV show! Errr...

#2 imma SOCIAL MEDIA Freak!! imma blogger myself, i have FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Intagram and all the requires sites and apps to lively share on the hustle & bustle moments at the MTV World Stage 2013!

#3 imma a concert-goer! i've been to several K-POP shows inclusive SuperJunior, JYJ, JayPark, K-POP Dream Concert 2013 @Genting Highlands, GDragon World Live Tour 2013 in Singapore! and TwinTower2013 and blah blah blah....

#4 yup, i've been to MTV WORLD STAGE 2012!!! thanks cousies for being the best bodyguard ever...HAHA it was seriously Awesome since finally i gotta be one of the clan. honestly, i've been arouse to get the exclusive pass since 2010 when i chased on the roadshow but always, now i wanna extend the hunting with this backstage pass, OMGoshhhhh really anticipated over it!!!

#5 Oh, i am a proud 25 years old. parents guidance is needed!

#6 imma traveller myself, passport has been stamped with several countries VISA as cleraly showed that how much i love travelling and assuredly, don't have problem with that!!

#7 should i mentioned how much that i love music??? Arghhh, Music is just my Life!!

#8 then, should you know that i'm a FUN to be with, bubbly, talkative, active, always energetic, fashion-lover and all sorts of characters that AN INSIDER need to have.

Well, MTV WORLD STAGE just pick me and sure, you won't regret it!!!  ;)

more info; world stage mtv asia insider



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