[Review] We're The Millers 2013


A low level drug dealer, David Clark  (Jason Sudeikis) is robbed which later made him owes his supplier aka the boss. he is definitely dead and being forced to smuggle marijuana from Maxico to clear the debt. it is too suspicious of a man travel by himself across the border, so he creates a fake family of the "Millers" who going on a family vacation in a big RV.

He invited Rose (Jennifer Aniston), the neighbor who works as a stripper to act as his wife. then, adding the 18 years old virgin Kenny (Will Poulter) poses as a son and a runaway girl, Casey (Emma Roberts) as the daughter. they were all undergo 'transformation' as to make it looks more real.

While on the 'vacation', they keep on stumble upon the Fitzgeralds family who's the man is actually a DEA agent. so, that is the starting of all the chaos plus the four of them were actually stealing the marijuana from Chacon, a big drug lord in that land. so, they were like running from two sides.

Wanna know what happen next? could they able to escape from the Fitzgeralds family or did they get caught by the Chacon and his man? and how they finally bring back the marijuana to the boss because if David failed, he need to settle the debt or maybe died....huahua go and watch it by yourself lorh~!  ;)


This is truly a simple story which can be an excuse to release your tense on this weekend. obviously, a COMEDY movie but be aware of the 18 genre as the language used is inappropriate for the kids. hahahah..but yup, it was totally hilarious for me lorh~ =P

Personally, the ranking of the zany level is 3.5 out of 5. well, if you ask me to compare with the recent Sandra Bullock's THE HEAT, this one is definitely 1 level below it. undeniably, some funny scenes are funneyyhhh where you will be totally LOL especially on my fav character who is that 18 years old virgin boy, Kenny. don't know lah can already laugh whenever seeing the face on the screen! HAHAHA sorry boy..  =D

Thus, don't wanna elaborate more as this movie sure a slight entertainment for you to enjoy on this weekend. yup, already released at the cinemas all over Malaysia since on the last 29th August 2013. just visit the nearest cinema and book your seat though~!

Big credit goes to the awesome MY NUFFNANG and TGV One Utama for the premier screening on the last Tuesday. me with dear SyafiqahHashim and FarhanaSaad. thanks for the great time girls and sure will meet again in the future yar.  :)


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