Look #101 - That Coral Blue Detailing

Half-moon scarf from Jalan TAR / Tailormade dress

Salam Syawal..  ;)

Many many congratulation to myself for still maintaining that 'single' word for the FB status! hahha..obviously, it was not my wedding or even an engagement day lorh, it was my best best BEST best friend's big day. hehe please don't bother about the steal diamond ring as got it at H&M, super precious!

Specifically, the colour code of the dress is Champagne. a very sophisticated one, love it too much! don't remember the name of the material yet bought it at Jakel store.

Then, the detailing of the lace is seriously admirable. lusting over it when seeing it for the first time at one of the shop (Ground Floor) in Plaza City One (besides Semua House of Jalan Masjid India). the bold colour of the coral blue stands out beautifully when being paired on top of that rich colour of champagne. only need 1m for each dress since it got 2 sides and approximately RM30/meter. buzz-worthy purchased!

Back to the controversial photo above..hehe. well, the dress is actually made for a special occasion called as Khatam Al-Qur'an. would love to share with you some other shots from this simple practice and elaborate more on it. later ah.

yup, we specially plan making the same exact look excluded the bride. they were actually the sibs and i will not saying that i am the outsider! haha..we're known each other for quite a long time since the moment when me and the bride became a good friend. huhu love them from the bottom of my heart.  ;')

Then, this one is called as TEASER! yeahooo..wait for the bunch of photos from the wedding soon. a very memorable indeed. thanks all and lets preserve this great bonding yar. insyAllah  ^^

Photographed by FarhinMatori


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  1. tengok inai di jari tadi ingatkan kamu yang kahwin sis...hahaha...nasib baca sampai habis ;D


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